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Best Pokémon Games for iOS

The Pokemon franchise first launched in 1996 with the release of Pokemon Red and Blue for the Game Boy. Since then, Pokemon has become one of the most successful media franchises in the world, spanning video games, cards, television shows, movies, and toys.

In this piece, we will cover some of the best Pokemon games available for iOS devices today. Whether you want to catch Pokemon in the real world, build a dream team and battle online, or simply play a Pokemon-themed puzzle game, there’s likely a great iOS option for you.

pokemon quest

Pokémon Quest: The Cube-shaped Pokémon RPG

The Pokémon you know and love from the classic Pokémon games have turned into cubes! Pokémon Quest takes you on a wild adventure on Tumblecube Island—a land where everything is a cube. You can explore the island for treasures with your cube-shaped Pokémon buddies there. Your goal is to find the awesome goodies said to be hidden on the island!

Battles — Simple, Fun, and Strategic

pokemon quest battle

Pokémon Quest utilizes a simple battle system that makes fighting wild Pokémon fun and accessible for all ages. With just a tap on the screen, you can command your Pokémon to unleash attacks. Despite the straightforward controls, battles still require strategy in organizing your Pokémon team effectively.

The key is matching up your Pokémon’s types and abilities to counter the wild Pokémon you face. Having fire, water, and grass-type Pokémon provides good coverage. You’ll also want Pokémon with diverse moves, including both offensive and defensive capabilities. Positioning your Pokémon team wisely is crucial to defeating the wild Pokémon on Tumblecube Island.

As you explore the island, wild Pokémon will appear, hoping to disrupt your expedition. This is where your Pokémon team leaps into action! They will tap into their abilities and battle fiercely to protect you. Watching your customized Pokémon squad defeat wild Pokémon one after another is exciting and rewarding. With a well-balanced team, you can explore the island freely and discover its hidden treasures.

Befriend Pokémon to Create your Team

pokemon quest

One of the most enjoyable parts of Pokémon Quest is befriending new Pokémon to join your team. As you explore Tumblecube Island, you’ll collect useful items that can be used to recruit wild Pokémon you encounter. Each new Pokémon you befriend will add more power and excitement to your cube-shaped team.

To recruit a Pokémon, simply toss one of your befriending items toward it during an encounter. Different items have different effects and chances of success. For example, the tasty Apple Pie item has a greater chance of befriending than the standard Apple item. It’s fun experimenting to see which items work best for different Pokémon types.

With many Pokémon available across Tumblecube Island, you can create a unique team of your favorites. Mix and match Pokémon with different types, stats, and skills to build your ideal exploration and battle squad. Your customized cube Pokémon team will be essential as you take on the island’s challenges and aim to uncover its hidden secrets.

pokemon quest

Hack Features and Availability

Pokémon Quest allows players to enable various cheats and hacks to make the game more enjoyable. Here are some of the most popular hacks:

  • Infinite PM Tickets (60000) — PM Tickets allow you to expedite cooking and other actions in the game. With this hack enabled, you can set the number of PM Tickets to any amount up to 60,000. No more waiting around for tickets to refill!
  • Infinite Cooking Materials (600) — Various recipes are essential in Pokémon Quest. This hack provides infinite quantities of all cooking materials, so you’ll never run out no matter what you want to cook up. Stock up on your favorites!
  • Infinite Battery (50) — The Battery item allows you to attract wild Pokémon to your camp to befriend. With an infinite battery supply, you can recruit to your heart’s content.
  • Unlocked Achievements — Tired of grinding to unlock achievements? This hack unlocks all achievements in the game instantly. Get that satisfying feeling of 100% completion with no effort required!
  • Always Rare Drop (Special stone) — Defeating certain Pokémon has a small chance to drop rare Evolution Stones. This hack guarantees you’ll get the Special Stone drop every time, allowing you to evolve your Pokémon team with ease. No more hoping for lucky drops!

With these hacks enabled, you’ll have unlimited resources and quick access to content that normally takes significant time and effort to obtain in Pokémon Quest. Experience the game on your terms for maximum enjoyment!

pokemon shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile: A Refreshing Puzzle Game Adventure!

Exciting and innovative puzzle game that combines the world of Pokémon and addictive match-three gameplay.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile: Gameplay

In Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, the goal is to line up three or more Pokémon vertically or horizontally to engage in battles against wild Pokémon. The game strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and strategy by allowing players to easily select a Pokémon and its destination on the puzzle board, triggering automatic combos.

For puzzle game fans and Pokémon lovers alike, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile offers a refreshing way to catch ‘em all through skill and smart matching. Its blend of two popular gaming genres results in an accessible yet strategic experience that’s immersive and addictive.

The Gameplay

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

The goal in each stage is to line up three or more Pokémon icons vertically or horizontally to battle against the wild Pokémon. With a tap, you can easily select a Pokémon icon and drag it to a new spot on the puzzle board. Linking together matches of three or more triggers combo bonuses and powerful attacks.

Despite the simple mechanics, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile requires thoughtful strategy. The key is choosing which Pokémon to activate and where to move them on the board to line up the most impactful matches. Players must keep in mind the types and abilities of their Pokémon team as well as the weaknesses of the opponent. With sharp analytical thinking, you can set off huge chain reactions that deal devastating damage.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile: Game Modes

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile offers a variety of game modes that provide endless puzzle adventure.

Main Stage

The core of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is the Main Stage mode. Here, you progress through puzzle boards featuring different Pokémon types and battle wild Pokémon. Defeating wild Pokémon allows you to capture them to add to your collection. With over 300 stages, Main Stage provides the bulk of the single-player adventure.

Expert Stages

Expert Stages offers a more challenging version of the Main Stage puzzles. These stages are unlocked by reaching certain points in the Main Stage. Expert Stages feature stronger Pokémon opponents and require more complex strategies to defeat.

Special Stages

Special Stages provide a change of pace from the standard puzzles. Some Special Stages have unique objectives or gameplay mechanics. Others feature legendary and rare Pokémon as opponents. Special Stages are unlocked by completing certain Main Stages and are only available for a limited time.


Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

One of the main appeals of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is the ability to collect hundreds of Pokémon from across all generations, including the original 151 from the Kanto region. The game utilizes Pokémon all the way up to the Alola region from the Sun and Moon, featuring fan favorites like Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Mewtwo, Lucario, and many more.

With over 720 Pokémon available, it provides tons of variety and allows players to form teams with their dream Pokémon. Icons light up on the puzzle board when you match Pokémon types together for big damage. Trying to catch’em all by defeating and recruiting new Pokémon is an addicting joy, especially when rare and powerful Pokémon appear.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile: Hack Features:

  • Unlimited Moves
  • Always S Rank
  • Always Mega
  • No Time Limit
  • 3,000 Coins each time

pokelang legends

Pokeland Legends: Enter a Captivating World of Pokémon Adventure

Pokeland Legends features vibrant 3D graphics that bring the world of Pokémon to life. The moment you enter the world of Pokeland Legends, you’ll be blown away by the colorful scenery and smooth, fluid animations of the Pokémon models. The game utilizes high-quality character designs that stay true to the iconic Pokémon style while adding extra visual flair. Pikachu’s red cheeks practically sparkle while Charizard’s flames roar with intensity.

Pokeland Legends: the Gameplay

Pokeland Legends

In Pokeland Legends, players engage in turn-based battles with a team of Pokémon. The game offers a variety of gameplay modes, including PvE (Player vs. Environment) battles, PvP (Player vs. Player) battles, and cooperative gameplay elements. Players can collect, train, and evolve various Pokémon, building a powerful team to conquer challenges and progress through the game’s stages.

Building Your Team

Pokeland Legends

In Pokeland Legends, building a strong team of Pokémon is crucial to success. With hundreds of different Pokémon to collect, you’ll need to put careful thought into constructing your ultimate team. Here are some key strategies for building up a powerful squad:

1. Focus on Complementary Types

You’ll want Pokémon with various types on your team to exploit type advantages in battle. Aim for good offensive and defensive type coverage. For example, include both physical and special attackers, as well as tanks and walls to absorb hits.

2. Train Your Pokémon

Don’t neglect training your Pokémon to increase their levels and base stats. Higher-level Pokémon will have better stats and learn more powerful moves. You can train through battling wild Pokémon, completing quests, and using items.

3. Breed for Better Pokémon

Breeding allows you to pass down moves, abilities, and improved stats. Careful breeding over generations can produce incredibly strong Pokémon tailored to your battle style.

4. Craft Your Strategy

Think about the strategy you want to employ. Will you focus on speed and inflicting status effects? All-out offensive power? Bulk and defense? Identify strengths and build around them.

5. Synergize Your Team

When selecting members, look for Pokémon that work well together. Abilities that support allies, combo moves, and shared weaknesses are just a few examples. Building synergy takes your team to the next level.

With smart planning, training, and a balanced squad, you’ll dominate the battlefield. Experiment to find your ideal Pokémon team composition in Pokeland Legends!


iPogo: Unleash the Power of Pokémon Go

Calling all Pokémon trainers looking to take their Pokémon experience to the next level! iPogo is the ultimate companion app designed to enhance your Pokémon Go adventure on your iPhone. iPogo packs a punch with its impressive range of features, bringing excitement, convenience, and customization to your Pokémon hunting journey.

iPogo offers features like location spoofing, tracking and notifying tools, customizable enhancements, comprehensive Pokémon management, and advanced safety measures. With iPogo, you can enhance your Pokémon experience and catch ’em all!

Location Spoofing

Location spoofing allows you to manually set a virtual location for your avatar in Pokémon Go, decoupling your in-game position from your real-world location. This opens up exciting possibilities when hunting Pokémon.

With iPogo, you can spoof your GPS coordinates precisely, tapping into an extensive range of location options. Whether you want to teleport across town or to the other side of the world, iPogo gives you granular control.

Tracking & Notification Tools

iPogo has powerful tracking and notification features to help you find exactly what you want while playing Pokémon Go. The app tracks nearby Pokémon, Pokéstops, gyms, and more.

You can set up notifications to alert you when rare or desirable Pokémon spawn near your location. For example, you can get a notification when a Dragonite, Snorlax, or other rare Pokémon appears close enough for you to hunt it down—no more wasting time wandering, hoping to stumble upon that elusive Pokémon!

The app also tracks Pokéstops and can notify you when you are in the range of unspun Pokéstops so you never miss out on collecting those precious items. It can even track gym battles and send notifications when a friendly gym is under attack so you can rush to defend it.

Customizable Enhancements


One of the standout features of iPogo is the ability to customize and personalize your Pokémon Go experience. With iPogo’s enhancement options, you can tweak Pokémon Go to be uniquely your own.

Change Map Skins

iPogo offers different map skin options to overlay on top of the standard Pokémon Go map. Choose from various stylized and themed skins to change the look and feel while you explore.

Custom Pokémon Skins

You can give your favorite Pokémon a whole new look with iPogo’s collection of custom skins. Want your Pikachu to look like Santa? Or your Charizard to look like a dragon? The possibilities are endless!

AR Photo Backdrops

Take your Pokémon AR photos to the next level with cool backdrops and effects. Teleport your Pokémon to exotic locations or add lighting and smoke effects to up your photo game.


Throw Animations

Choose from an assortment of colorful throw animations to add some flair as you try catching Pokémon. Pick your favorite to put some style into your throws.

With so many ways to customize your experience, iPogo really makes Pokémon Go your own. Deck out your game with unique skins, effects, animations, and more to take your gameplay to the next level. The ability to personalize your Pokémon Go adventure is what makes iPogo so special.

Mass Transfers

You can quickly transfer multiple Pokémon in bulk to free up storage space—no need to manually select and transfer Pokémon one by one anymore.

Auto Walking

Set a destination, and your character will automatically walk there — perfect for hatching eggs! This saves you the effort of having to check in and move your character manually constantly.

With quality-of-life improvements like these, iPogo removes friction and makes playing Pokémon Go a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Who has time for unnecessary busy work? iPogo lets you focus on the fun parts of the game!

Drawbacks of iPogo


iPogo is not an official Niantic app, so its use technically violates Pokémon Go’s terms of service. Accounts detected using third-party apps risk being banned. To reduce risks:

  1. Avoid teleporting long distances rapidly.
  2. Don’t use blatant botting or cheating features.
  3. Don’t log into the same account on the legit app and iPogo.

While convenient, be mindful of overreliance on iPogo’s features. Try to balance use between enhancing gameplay and reducing manual effort. Moderation helps maintain the spirit of exploration and adventure in Pokémon Go.

Overall, the benefits of intelligent and thoughtful iPogo use far outweigh the potential drawbacks. With proper precautions, you can unleash your Pokémon Go potential.


To elevate your gaming experience, we highly recommend using a trusted third-party app store like builds.io to access popular apps like iPogo and over 500 other games, emulators, and tweaks unavailable on the official App Store. Sideloading with builds.io is easy and poses no risk to your device or personal data so that you can enjoy your favorite apps worry-free. Sign up now and take your Pokémon journey to the next level with iPogo, plus many other popular apps.


As always, happy hunting trainers!

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