About Builds.io

Did you know, that every month more than 100 000 apps are submitted to AppStore? And only half of them pass these severe (and even ‘not user-friendly’) regulations. So about 50 000 amazing (and not so amazing) apps are in the middle of nowhere and lots of them will never be published.

So we’d created a service that allows users to enjoy applications rejected by Apple. Builds.io is the website, that allows you to install iOS applications on your device directly from the browser (Safari). Reviving your childhood with Pokemon & Mario on your iPhone? Easy! Been dreaming of getting your hands on secret features and extended functionality for your favorite social media apps? We’re here to help!

The Buildstore is the oldest continuously operating alternative app store to exist.

We're the world’s 1st ever service that connects developers with their market without any struggle. We’ve been continuously operating since 2013 and now have more than 15K active users daily all over the globe with the biggest presence in the U.S. The very 1st version of builds.io became available to public in September 2013, when a small group of Apple enthusiasts was trying to create easy-to-use service for developers who wanna create iOS-apps (builds) from the existing code. So the only reason other services are available to the public is builds.io


Well, here you can grab some old gaming emulators i.e. world famous GBA4iOS emulator, mobile torrent client iTransmission, some insane tweaked apps and much more. Basically, what we do is give the people the apps they want. But it’s not like «on demand», it’s more about match-making with what developers can offer. It’s important to say that we inspect all apps before pushing them to the market to prevent some unpredictable consequences.

The content policy of Builds.io is very loyal to indie developers. However, there's only one rule: we're not hosting malware, apps with viruses and etc. So it's almost impossible to damage your device while using the Buildstore.

How It Works

First things first, to install apps you need to register using this link: Sign up now. After the registration process is complete, you should open the activation link on the device you want to install apps. Native Mail application on your iOS device will do the job. After that, you need to accept mobile provision installation. And, finally, it's time to make payment for your device and proceed to Builds.io main page or to "Apps" link from within your user profile page. Voila! Tap the "Install" button near the icon of the app you want to install and you'll find the app on your home screen straight away.

Have fun! Don't jailbreak!