For developers is a platform for installing applications, visited daily by thousands of visitors looking for great apps for their iOS devices. If you want to share your application to the world, the BuildStore is a great starting point for that!


Distribution via requires only three easy steps.

  1. Send us an e-mail with a public link to your .ipa/.deb file of your application. If you’re sending an .ipa, it can be signed with any possible certificate you've got.
  2. Provide some simple instructions on how your app. (e.g. describe your app for prospective users, how to use it to check the functionality of your app).
  3. Wait a few days while your app is being reviewed by our engineering team, and you may receive the link to your app on If you did, congrats!


If you would like to monetize your app, why not take a look at our Affiliate Program? For now, it's the best option to monetize your application in addition to Ads (which you may serve with the application).

Affiliate Program

Join and earn cash

If you have a website or if you want to promote the BuildStore service to your users online and earn money for it, you can become our affiliate!

By participating in the Affiliate Program, you can link your website users to the BuildStore using a generated affiliate link and earn a commission on sales of a paid subscription. Terms and conditions of Affiliate Program.

Terms and conditions of Affiliate Program

To apply for participation in the program and earn commission, first you should sign up to the BuildStore. You can, but you don't have to register your device, to proceed.

After sign up, please contact us via e-mail and include the links to your website(s), YouTube channel(s), or any other online resources where you would like to promote us.

We will get in touch with shortly and give you further instructions.

Withdrawal of earned funds

After applying to our Affiliate Program, you will granted access to our Affiliate Participant website, which provides you with detailed statistics on your earnings and page visitors.

You may withdraw money using our Affiliate Participant website to your own bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is $30 (Thirty United States Dollars). The maximum one time payout is $2000 (two thousand United States Dollars). Once the withdrawal request is created, it will be served in 48 hours or so, and you will receive your money then.