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Best Social Media Tweaks for iOS

If you’re an avid social media user, you’ll know that the platforms we rely on are always evolving. That’s why developers always explore ways to enhance user experiences, including through social media app tweaks. This article will discuss the best social media tweaks for iOS. These tweaks give you more control over the content you see and greater privacy and customization options, allowing you to create a more tailored and enjoyable social media experience on your iPhone or iPad. Stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your favorite social media platforms with these powerful iOS tweaks.

Whether you’re tired of seeing specific content in your Reddit feed, want to browse Instagram stories anonymously, or customize the layout of your WhatsApp chat, these app tweaks will help you take your social media experience to the next level.

WhatsApp Watusi for iOS


Watusi for WhatsApp is a feature-rich tweak designed to elevate your iOS WhatsApp messaging experience. This powerful tweak adds many customization options and privacy features to enhance your usage and protect your information. With Watusi, you can take control of your online presence by freezing your «Last Seen» status and disabling pesky read receipts. Have more to say? Increase the character limit for your status messages and make your profile photos stand out.

  1. Privacy options: With Watusi, you can hide certain information from other WhatsApp users. You can disable read receipts, delivery receipts, and typing indicators, preventing others from knowing when you have read their messages or when you are typing a reply. You can also hide your online and recording status using the voice messaging feature.
  2. Customization options: With Watusi, you can customize the appearance of WhatsApp to your heart’s content. You can change the text’s font size, the chat bubbles’ color, and the chat screen’s background. You can also choose from various pre-made themes or create your custom theme.
  3. Media management tools: With Watusi, you have greater control over the media you send and receive. You can send unlimited media files without compression, including photos and videos. You can also choose the quality of the images and videos you send to other users, reducing their file sizes. Additionally, you can send animated GIFs and get access to advanced options for managing your WhatsApp media library.
  4. User Interface: With Watusi, you can adjust certain app interface elements. For example, you can enable a dark mode or customize the app’s icon.
  5. Miscellaneous features: With Watusi, you can do more with WhatsApp to enhance your experience. For instance, you can freeze your last seen to a certain time, so other users don’t know when you are online. You can also set up a custom message to be sent in reply to calls you miss. Moreover, you can prevent accidental calls by adding a confirmation step before initiating a call.

These features and more make Watusi an attractive option for those looking for more control over their WhatsApp usage. Watusi is available on Builds.io and is free, albeit with an ad banner on top of chats.

Reddit + (tweak app) for iOS

Reddit + (tweak app) for iOS

Reddit + comes packed with a variety of injected tweaks that are designed to take your Reddit experience to the next level. With these enhancements, you can fully customize and personalize your user interface, making it your own.

  1. RedditFilter by level3tjg: This tweak allows users to filter specific content from their Reddit feed. With RedditFilter, users can create custom filters to hide posts, comments, or entire subreddits based on keywords or phrases. This feature helps users tailor their Reddit experience to their preferences and avoid certain types of content.
  2. RedditSideloadFix by level3tjg: This tweak addresses potential crashes that may occur when sideloading the Reddit app. It ensures a smoother and more stable experience for users who have installed the app through unofficial means.
  3. Riskkit by AppleCraxkhead: Riskkit is an injected tweak unlocks access to NSFW (Not Safe for Work) and spoiler content on Reddit. It unblurs and reveals posts that have been marked as potentially sensitive. This allows users to view and engage with content otherwise hidden or blurred by default.
  4. RedditCache by Wh0ba: RedditCache is a feature that displays the cache size on the «clear cache» label within the settings of the official Reddit app. This added information helps users keep track of the cache size and manage storage usage effectively.
  5. RedditCacheClearer by level3tjg: This tweak automatically clears the Reddit video cache every time the app is opened. Doing so frees up the device’s storage space and ensures a smoother performance overall.
  6. RedditAutoScroll by pxcex: RedditAutoScroll is a feature designed to alleviate finger fatigue when browsing extensive Reddit feeds. This tweak enables automatic scrolling, so users don’t have to swipe to scroll through posts continuously. It creates a hands-free scrolling experience.
  7. RedditUndoScrollUp by aleksilassila: This tweak allows users to effortlessly return to their previous scrolling position by tapping the status bar twice. It is particularly useful when users accidentally scroll up and want to quickly revert to where they were browsing.
  8. RedditOldDiscovery by level3tjg: This tweak disables the new Reddit discovery tab, reverting to the old layout. Users who prefer the previous design can use this feature to restore the classic discovery experience.

These injected tweaks provide enhanced functionality and customization options to improve the browsing experience on the Reddit app.

Instagram Rocket for iOS

Boasting numerous powerful hidden features and capabilities, this app takes your Instagram experience to the next level. With Instagram Rocket, you can easily customize your feed with advanced filtering options and even download stories and media to your device.

  1. Save Photos and Videos: Instagram Rocket allows you to effortlessly save those captivating photos and videos from your Instagram feed directly to your Camera Roll. This feature is perfect for keeping a collection of your favorite moments or sharing them with friends outside the Instagram platform.
  2. View High-Resolution Content: With Instagram Rocket, bid farewell to blurry images and low-quality videos. This tweak enhances media quality, ensuring you enjoy your Instagram content in crystal-clear, high-resolution glory.
  3. Mute Unwanted Users: Take control of your feed by selectively muting users you prefer not to see. Instagram Rocket empowers you to curate your Instagram experience, ensuring you only see the content that resonates with you.
  4. Hide Annoying Sponsored Posts: Tired of sponsored posts invading your feed? Instagram Rocket allows you to hide such posts, allowing you to focus on the content that truly matters to you.
  5. Anonymous Direct Message Viewing: For those instances when you want to discreetly check your direct messages without notifying the sender, Instagram Rocket has you covered. This handy feature lets you view your messages incognito.
  6. Customize Your Feed: Instagram Rocket’s unique ability to toggle between grid and list view offers a personalized touch to your Instagram browsing. Whether you prefer the neat grid layout or a more structured list view, this tweak allows you to tailor your Instagram feed to your preferences.
  7. View stories anonymously: This feature is particularly useful if you want to discreetly check someone’s story without alerting them that you’ve viewed it. Using Instagram Rocket, you can browse stories without worrying about leaving behind those telltale «seen» marks, maintaining privacy and control over your interactions on the platform.


And that brings us to the end of our exploration of social media app tweaks. We’ve seen how these tweaks can empower you to curate your social media experience, giving you control and customization options that may not be available in the standard versions of the apps.

From filtering out unwanted content on Reddit to unlocking hidden features on Instagram and customizing your WhatsApp settings, these app tweaks offer a range of possibilities to enhance your time spent on social media.

So, go ahead and explore these app tweaks, experiment with customization options, and enjoy a more personalized, engaging, and tailored social media journey. Happy tweaking!

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