Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new guy at here. How to get the BuildStore apps?

New iOS update is out/I’ve got the brand new iPhone, does the Buildstore support it?

What is the UDID?

I purchased the account a while ago and now got the new device (in case of loss, buying a new gadget and etc.), do I have to pay again? Could you please make a free transfer?

I paid for the account months ago and now it prompts me to pay again for the same device. What's going on?

How to cancel my account?

I need to change my registered email, is there any way to perform this?

The [AppName] is revoked everywhere at this moment of time. If I'll purchase the Buildstore account, will it work?

How to add a game to any emulator?

Payments & Pricing Plans

Can I use prepaid gift cards to buy the Buildstore using PayPal?

Will I be charged again when my subscription expires?

Do I have to pay again to use my apps when subscription expires?

Is it possible to change my plan before it ends?

Is the payment one time thing or is it a yearly?

Can I buy a subscription as a gift?


Before contacting us we recommend you to try the brand new SELF-DIAGNOSTIC feature. You can fix your account manually in a blink of an eye by clicking this link and following simple instructions

I'm trying to install ++(tweaked) app, but when I press run, nothing happens. All other apps install perfectly. What should I do?

I changed my device and wanna purchase the account for it, but system won’t let me do this. It only shows the old UDID on the main page. How to register?

My apps were downloading smoothly days ago and now it says «can’t be downloaded at this time». What's going on?

I need to restore my device to fix something (I’m not changing the device), will I lose my Buildstore account?

I restored from a backup copy recently and now cannot install the apps. I also found out that the profile wasn't installed properly. What should I do?


We use our Refund Policy to determine if a refund should be issued. Refund processing is reviewed for every case separately and you might be asked to provide some additional information about your experience.

Contact our support team here if you have any further inquiries.

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