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Top 50 Sega Games


Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Today, we will glance at the Top 50 Sega Game Gear games of all time.

Picture this: It was 1990, and the gaming world was about to be blown away by Sega’s latest creation. The Game Gear, shining brightly with its full-color screen, was ready to take on the mighty Game Boy. I must confess my heart skips a beat when I think about the lightning-fast platforming escapades of «Sonic the Hedgehog.» That little blue speedster stole our hearts and forever changed how we perceived video game mascots. And don’t even get me started on «Shining Force» and its epic battles. The sheer excitement of commanding a team of mighty warriors still sends shivers down my spine.

Now, Sega is no stranger to the gaming scene. We all know their legendary arcade classics like «Space Invaders» and «OutRun,» right? But the Game Gear was their baby, their foray into the handheld market, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

In this article, my fellow gamers, we’re diving deep into the top 50 Game Gear games and ranking them based on pure awesomeness. We’re talking about games that left an indelible mark on our gaming souls, that made us lose countless hours of sleep because we just couldn’t put them down.

50. Sonic Blast


Regarding Sonic Blast for the SEGA Game Gear, reviews have been all over the place! Some gamers love it, while others are not so impressed. While technically impressive, the graphics fell short of the high standards set by previous Sonic games. Some found the animations choppy and the colors a bit washed out. Nevertheless, the gameplay received criticism for being slow and lacking the challenges, secrets, and enemies that make Sonic games so exciting.

The bonus stages were described as dull, and the boss fights a bit too quickly. However, don’t fret, Sonic lovers! The music in Sonic Blast is above average for the series, and the game’s nostalgic appeal and dedication to retro gaming can still strike a chord with some players. Whether you’ll enjoy Sonic Blast is ultimately a matter of personal preference. While it has flaws, the effort to create an ambitious Sonic game for the handheld Game Gear console is commendable. So, embrace the nostalgia, power up your Game Gear, and give Sonic Blast a whirl!

49. GG Aleste


Are you ready to relive the glory days of the SEGA Game Gear with GG Aleste?

GG Aleste is a legendary title in the Aleste series that first graced the SEGA Game Gear in 1991. This game will take you on an intergalactic journey with Ellinor Waizen, the fierce teenage hero who pilots the Galvanic Gunner spacecraft. The year is 2065 AD, and the Earth needs saving from the clutches of the ruthless Moon Child army. It’s up to Ellinor to jump into the action, using a forward-firing gun and P chips to blast away enemies. But that’s not all — GG Aleste is all about strategy. You must collect secondary weapon icons to level up and face intense battles in a breathtaking celestial backdrop.

48. Rastan Saga


Picture this: you’re transported to a dark, mystical world filled with legendary creatures and treacherous swamps. It’s like stepping into a Conan the Barbarian movie, except you get to be the badass barbarian!

Prepare to feel like a badass barbarian in this retro-style platform game developed by the iconic TAITO company. With your trusty sword, fiery sword, and spiked chain, you’ll jump and slash your way through levels and take on serious challenges. Along the way, you’ll encounter slimy creatures, fiery pits, and boiling swamps that will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll need to manage your character’s energy to keep them alive. It adds that extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. And trust me, you’ll want to stay alive because the evil bosses in this game aren’t messing around. They will test your skills, reflexes, and ability to channel your inner barbarian.

Let the barbarian within you roar!

47. Ms. Pac-Man


Despite legal battles and publisher disputes, Ms. Pac-Man emerged as a triumph. Nestled among the top 50 Sega games is the iconic Ms. Pac-Man, an enduring arcade classic that never fails to ignite a wave of nostalgia. With vibrant visuals, unique mazes, and addictive gameplay, this game captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Guide Ms. Pac-Man through intricate mazes, gobbling up dots while evading four pesky ghosts. Energizers provide a chance to turn the tables and devour the ghosts for bonus points. The Genesis version adds extra levels, various maze selections, and even a «Pac Booster» for a turbo-speed experience.

But it’s not just about the gameplay. Ms. Pac-Man holds a special place in the hearts of those who grew up in the 80s, summoning memories of crowded arcades, the sound of coins dropping into machines, and the thrill of high scores.

It’s worth noting that the Genesis version of Ms. Pac-Man is not an exact translation of the arcade original. While the arcade version had a kill screen after 200 levels, the Genesis version always ends after the 36th level, regardless of the game mode chosen. There are also additional prizes and variations in the Genesis version that are not present in the arcade version. Some of the mazes in the Big selection may require players to pause the game and move the view to see the entire maze.

46. Sonic Drift 2


Sonic Drift 2 is a kart racing game featuring our beloved blue hedgehog and his friends.

It is also known as Sonic Drift Racing in Europe, a kart racing game developed and released by Sega for the Sega Game Gear in 1995. Released as a sequel to Sonic Drift and features more race courses, additional items, and new playable characters.

In Sonic Drift 2, players race against three other characters for a top position in the race. The game includes three Chaos GP circuits with different difficulty settings and six race tracks each, with a Final Cup unlocked after completing all three circuits. Its’ gameplay is similar to its predecessor but with more tricks, obstacles, and advanced AI.

The game introduces various power-ups and items, such as Rings that can be collected to perform unique Special Abilities, a Dash for a speed boost, a Jump to bounce in the air, a Mine to stop opponents, and more. Each playable character has their own Special Abilities and stat variations in acceleration, speed, and handling.

45. Faceball 2000


A first-person shooter game where you control a ball with a happy face on it and shoot other happy faces that are enemies, the game plays similarly to DOOM.

The game doesn’t have a storyline, but that’s not what it’s about. You get to choose one of several modes of play, select a hovering geometric shape with basic facial features and color, and enter a 3D arena. It’s all about the joy of blasting your opponents and racking up kills. The different types of enemies require a varying degree of strategy to defeat, and the power-ups that drop when enemies are defeated add to the fun.

Futuristic Mayhem: Faceball 2000 on Sega Game Gear

In the Arena matches, you can select the number of opponents of each type and battle it out to see who can rack up the most kills. You and a friend can embark on an epic cooperative journey in multiplayer mode through the entire main game. And here’s the kicker—the only aspect scaled back is the screen size to accommodate both players. Everything else remains intact, my friends! The same Cyberzone and Arena modes are available; you can give your characters unique names.

And get this, folks; when you aim at your friend’s character during gameplay, their name is displayed, making it easy-peasy to tell who’s who in the heat of battle. Even though it may not have the flashy graphics and extensive weaponry of modern FPS games, there’s nothing quite like it.

44. Sonic Spinball


Released in 1993 for the iconic Sega Genesis console, Sonic Spinball took the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog and gave him a pinball twist. And let me tell you, it worked like a charm!

As a ball-shaped Sonic, you can navigate through a series of adrenaline-pumping pinball-inspired levels. It combines the excitement of bouncing around like a pinball with the super-speedy platforming action we all know and love from the Sonic series.

Sonic Goes Pinball: Sonic Spinball on Game Gear

The levels in Sonic Spinball are designed with creativity and precision. You’ll flipping and bouncing off bumpers, launching through winding tunnels, and working to the top while avoiding hazardous obstacles. And let’s not forget those epic boss battles with Dr. Robotnik and his minions. Was he navigating a giant pinball machine while trying to defeat the bad guys? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Even though Sonic Spinball may not be as widely known as some other Sonic games, it’s a hidden gem that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re a die-hard Sonic fan or just a pinball enthusiast looking for a unique twist, this game is well worth your time.

43. Baku Baku


This falling block puzzle game by Sega takes me back to the golden days of arcade gaming. Released in 1995, it’s a gem that deserves more recognition.

Baku Baku Animal is like a puzzle lover’s dream come true, with a twist! It’s a competitive two-player game where you aim to clear blocks-filled containers. But here’s the fun part — you must link «food blocks» with their corresponding «animal blocks» and remove them to score points. It’s like a delicious puzzle buffet with rabbits munching on carrots, dogs gnawing on bones, monkeys enjoying bananas, and pandas feasting on bamboo.

Puzzle Madness: Baku Baku on Sega Game Gear

As you clear blocks on your screen, you’re not just battling for points but also trying to fill up your opponent’s screen with blocks. And here comes the cherry on top: if your screen becomes full, watch out for the Princess’ pet lion who might devour you. It adds a whole new level of excitement and strategy to the game.

Baku Baku Animal is a must-try if you’re a fan of falling block puzzle games like I am or looking for a competitive multiplayer experience that will transport you back to the arcade days.

42. Magic Knight Rayearth


Magic Knight Rayearth is an action role-playing video game based on the manga and anime series of the same name. Developed and published by Sega, the game was first released for the Sega Saturn in 1995 and later ported to the Game Gear and Super Famicom. The play tells the story of three magic-wielding young girls whisked away to a magical world — Cephiro — to save its inhabitants from the evil Zagato.

Bright and colorful graphics stay true to the anime style. The music is also said to be one of the game’s strong points, with its upbeat and catchy tunes that keep the player engaged.

Players control three characters—Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu—as they explore the world of Cephiro. They may also play as a single member or one at a time. Combat is real-time, with players using magic and physical attacks to defeat enemies. As players progress through the game, they upgrade their weapons, armor, and magic spells.

Enchanting Adventures: Magic Knight Rayearth on Game Gear

While Magic Knight Rayearth is highly regarded, it does have its flaws. One downside of the game is the lack of innovation in the RPG elements, which may disappoint players looking for a more in-depth role-playing experience. Also, the game’s localization for English-speaking audiences is often criticized as it was said to be poorly translated.

It may not be perfect, but it has garnered a dedicated fan base, making it a worthwhile experience for fans of action role-playing games and the Magic Knight Rayearth franchise.

41. Space Harrier


Space Harrier, initially developed by Sega in 1985, is a fast-paced and exhilarating shooter game set in a surreal and futuristic world. I was immediately immersed in a thrilling adventure through imaginative landscapes when I picked up the controls.

One aspect that stands out in Space Harrier is its unique visual style. As the protagonist, you navigate diverse and otherworldly environments, including floating islands and alien landscapes. The speed and the constant barrage of enemies coming towards you create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Arcade Classic: Space Harrier on Sega Game Gear

As you fly through the levels, you control the Space Harrier, a jetpack-wearing warrior armed with a laser cannon. The game employs a unique behind-the-back perspective, adding intensity and immersion. Dodging and shooting enemies while trying to stay alive is a challenging yet enriching experience.

While Space Harrier has a relatively simple premise and mechanics, its addictive nature comes from its challenging gameplay. It’s a game that tests your reflexes, concentration, and ability to strategize on the fly. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty ramps up, keeping you engaged and striving for improvement.

40. Tails’ Skypatrol


Tails’ Skypatrol is a side-scrolling shooter game developed by SIMS for the Game Gear console and released by Sega in 1995. The game is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and features Tails, Sonic’s sidekick, as the main character.

In Tails’ Skypatrol, players control Tails as he flies through levels, shooting down enemies and avoiding obstacles. Unlike other Sonic games, Tails cannot run or jump; instead, he is always flying,, and players must use his unique abilities to navigate the levels. Tails has two primary abilities: the ability to perform a dash attack that can defeat enemies and break through obstacles and a ring toss attack that can grab items and defeat enemies from a distance.

Those who enjoy unique and unconventional Sonic experiences may appreciate giving Tails’ Skypatrol a chance.

39. Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe


Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe is an action-adventure game developed and published by Sega for the Game Gear handheld console in 1991. It is a spin-off and standalone title in the Golden Axe series.

In Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe, players control the titular character Ax Battler on a quest to restore peace to the land of Yuria. The game mixes elements of side-scrolling action, exploration, and role-playing. As Ax Battler, players traverse various environments, battle enemies using a sword, and collect items and power-ups.

The game features a non-linear structure, allowing players to explore different areas of the game world and make decisions that can impact the story and gameplay. The choices players make throughout the game will affect the outcome and lead to multiple endings, adding replay value.

Golden Axe Universe on Game Gear: Ax Battler’s Quest

Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe is known for its challenging difficulty level, requiring players to master combat mechanics and timing to progress. It also incorporates RPG elements by allowing players to level up Ax Battler’s statistics and learn new abilities, adding depth to the gameplay.

It is a game that combines action, exploration, and RPG elements, providing a different take on the franchise and appealing to series fans and handheld gaming enthusiasts.

38. Super Off-Road


Regarding classic racing video games, Super Off-Road is undoubtedly one of the most highly regarded titles. Originally an arcade game released by Leland Corporation in 1989, Super Off-Road eventually made its way to various other gaming platforms, such as Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Atari ST, Amiga, and SEGA Genesis.

Sonic Blast’s graphics were technically impressive but lacking compared to previous games in the Sonic series. The game’s innovative control scheme is what made it so distinctive. Adding an extra layer of immersion, it felt like you were in the driver’s seat, navigating an off-road race truck through challenging dirt tracks full of obstacles—mud, ramps, and tight turns.

Off-Road Racing Excitement: Super Off-Road on Sega Game Gear

Its multiplayer mode allowed up to three players to race simultaneously, each with their steering wheel controller.

The game’s progression system was also noteworthy. It allowed players to earn money by winning races and then use it to purchase various power-ups for their trucks, like turbo boosts, grip enhancements, and traction upgrades. These upgrades added a strategic element to the game and allowed players to customize their trucks to their liking.

37. Coca-Cola Kid

Coca Cola Kid

Coca-Cola Kid was exclusively released in Japan in 1994 for the Sega Game Gear. That’s right! Unfortunately, the game never made it outside Japan, making it a rare find for collectors and gamers alike.

It is a timed platformer that consists of five zones, each with three levels. Your goal as Coca-Cola Kid is to save Ms. Sakurako from Mr. Iwaima. Collect Coca-Cola and coins to buy items between stages while traversing various locations. The jazzy and upbeat soundtrack, composed by Tomoko Sasaki and Hiroyuki Nagamatsu, will have you tapping your feet.

Quirky Adventure: Coca-Cola Kid on Game Gear

Now, who can’t forget the graphics? Coca-Cola Kid features colorful and cartoonish graphics typical of platform games from the 1990s. The game’s vibrant backdrops and detailed sprites bring the levels to life, making each stage a joy to play and explore.

Coca-Cola Kid is a game that holds a special place in the hearts of retro gamers due to its fun and quirky gameplay, colorful graphics, and jazz-infused soundtrack. It offers an experience that’s hard to forget. If you’re a retro gaming enthusiast searching for a rare gem to add to your collection, don’t miss the chance to try Coca-Cola Kid!

36. Shining Force II: The Sword of Hajya


It is a tactical role-playing game released for the Sega Game Gear in 1993. It is a sequel to the Shining Force Gaiden, and should not be confused with the Genesis game. Nick embarks on a journey to confront the forces of the evil nation of Iom. Deanna and their companions defend Cypress and seek to recover the stolen Sword of Hajya.

One notable aspect of the game is the Sword of Hajya itself. It is a unique magical weapon belonging to the royal family of Cypress and is the only weapon capable of breaking Iom’s power.

Tactical RPG Brilliance: Shining Force II on Sega Game Gear

Shining Force II: The Sword of Hajya offers tactical, turn-based battles on a grid-based battlefield. Players can strategically position their characters and utilize their unique abilities to achieve victory. Players can recruit new allies and upgrade their party members to enhance their strength and skills.

35. Tempo Jr.


Certainly! Tempo Jr. is a 1995 platformer game released by Sega for their Game Gear console. It is a follow-up to the original Tempo game released for the Sega Genesis. The game’s protagonist is a grasshopper named Tempo. The story takes place in the musical world of Planet Rhythmia. Protect Planet Rhythmia from an evil king Dirge and his minions!

Gameplay in Tempo Jr. involves players running and jumping through several levels, battling enemies and bosses in each station. One unique aspect of the game is its focus on music. Players must collect instruments throughout the game, which aid in defeating enemies and bosses.

Tempo Jr. received generally positive reviews upon its release. Critics praised its graphics, sound, and unique game mechanics. However, some criticized it for being too easy, with short levels and a lack of challenge.

34. Fantasy Zone


It is a captivating shooter game developed by Sanritsu and published by Sega. The game was initially released in Japan under the title «Fantasy Zone Gear: Opa Opa Jr. no Bouken. Unlike most Game Gear ports, Fantasy Zone Gear is not a miniaturized version of the arcade/SMS game but an entirely new one.

Players control a spaceship named Opa-Opa, which fights against enemy invaders across a group of planets. The game offers vibrant and colorful graphics, catchy music, and fast-paced gameplay. As players progress through the levels, they encounter challenging enemies and decisive boss battles, adding to the excitement.

The game was praised for its unique and addictive shooting mechanics. It is a notable entry in the Fantasy Zone series, which began with the 1986 arcade game.

33. Chase H.Q.

Chase H.Q.

Released in 1991, Chase H.Q. is a conversion of the renowned arcade game that had gamers hooked since 1988. In this adrenaline-pumping adventure, you take on the role of Tony Gibson, a brave police officer working for the «Chase Special Investigation Department.» Your mission, should you accept it (and you should!), is to track down and apprehend dangerous criminals on the streets.

Picture this: You’re behind the wheel of your trusty police car, speeding through the city’s winding roads, sirens blaring, as you pursue those pesky criminals. You have limited time to catch them, adding that thrilling element of urgency to the game. But fear not! Your police car is equipped with a turbo boost and an arsenal of weapons to help you close the gap and bring those criminals to justice!

Visually speaking, Chase H.Q. on the Game Gear is a treat for the eyes. Despite the handheld limitations, the graphics are impressively slick and detailed, immersing you in the action-packed world of high-speed chases. The car controls are highly responsive, allowing for precise maneuvering to avoid traffic and obstacles in pursuit of justice.

32. Shinobi


Released in 1991, Shinobi for the Game Gear is a side-scrolling action game. Joe Musashi is a skilled ninja on a quest to save his kidnapped students. With his trusty sword in hand and a range of ninja abilities, Joe must traverse eight challenging levels filled with enemies, traps, and platforming obstacles that’ll test his reflexes and precision skills.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various enemies, each with their attack patterns and strategies. But fear not, my nimble friend! Joe Musashi is armed with more than just his trusty sword. You’ll also find shurikens and deadly ninja magic that can be unleashed to devastating effect, giving you a satisfying edge against your foes.

31. OutRun


With its graphics, adrenaline-pumping action, and catchy tunes, this game was the epitome of racing fun.

Take to the virtual road as you slip behind the wheel of a speedy sports car, zipping through stunning scenic routes, avoiding obstacles, and racing against the clock to reach the next checkpoint. OutRun is all about the open road’s sense of freedom and thrill, allowing you to immerse yourself in a virtual world filled with palm trees swaying in the breeze, powder-white beaches begging for a pit stop and sky-reaching coastlines that will take your breath away.

The game is incredibly responsive, allowing you to make split-second decisions and maneuvers as you navigate the challenging courses with impressive skill and finesse. The perfect combination of skill and luck will keep you hooked for hours on end.

30. Deep Duck Trouble, Starring Donald Duck


Play as the adventurous Donald, embarking on a thrilling quest to rescue your mischievous nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie from the clutches of the wicked wizard Merlock. It’s a tale filled with challenges and secrets lurking around every corner as you hop, bounce, and flap your way through various levels.

The gameplay involves running, jumping, and attacking enemies using various methods, such as throwing acorns or using other items found throughout the levels. Donald Duck can swim and access hidden areas to find collectibles and power-ups.

Thanks to the detailed graphics, each level feels like a mini adventure. From bustling city streets to treacherous jungles, the game immerses you in a delightful world bursting with personality.

27. Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse


Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse — a 2D platform game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Game Gear in 1995. It is the third game in the Illusion series, following Castle of Illusion and Land of Illusion. Players control Mickey Mouse on a quest to save the land from an evil shadow by obtaining the legendary Water of Life.

The gameplay of Legend of Illusion is similar to its predecessors, with Mickey running, jumping, and defeating enemies in various environments. It features seven stages, including forests, temples, and caverns, and introduces new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to swim and climb ropes.

Overall, Legend of Illusion, Starring Mickey Mouse, is a worthy addition to the Illusion series. It offers enjoyable gameplay, charming visuals, and delightful music, making it one of the Game Gear’s classics.

26. Samurai Shodown


Samurai Shodown, also known as Samurai Spirits, was a fighting game released for the Sega Game Gear in 1994. Developed by Takara, the game featured a one-on-one versus fighting gameplay style and was based on the popular Samurai Shodown franchise. Players could choose from a roster of characters with unique fighting styles and special moves.

Although the Game Gear’s screen was smaller than other consoles, it still managed to deliver a satisfying gaming experience for fans of the franchise. The gameplay of Samurai Shodown on Game Gear followed the same principles as its arcade and console counterparts, focusing on weapon-based combat and strategic gameplay. Players could perform various attacks and special moves to defeat their opponents, and the game offered multiple modes, including arcade and versus methods, to cater to different play styles.

Overall, Samurai Shodown on Game Gear offered a solid fighting game experience on the portable Sega console, with faithful graphics and gameplay that captured the essence of the Samurai Shodown franchise.

25. Shinobi II: The Silent Fury


Shinobi II: The Silent Fury is an action-packed side-scrolling game released in 1992 for the Sega Game Gear. It allows gamers to experience ninja action on the go.

In the game, you play Joe Musashi, a legendary ninja, as he battles enemies and uncovers a plot to dominate the world. With precise controls and fast reflexes, you’ll conquer seven challenging levels with cunning enemies and epic boss battles. Shinobi II stands out from its predecessor with upgraded gameplay mechanics and enhanced visuals. Players can access powerful ninja skills, from deadly shurikens to devastating magic attacks. The game tests your skills with precise timing, quick thinking, and nerves of steel. Shinobi II: The Silent Fury is a must-play for nostalgic gamers seeking to relive 16-bit ninja action.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the series, it will ignite excitement and transport you back to the days of handheld gaming.

24. Devilish


Devilish on Game Gear is a classic brick-breaking game that will hook you. It follows the story of two dragons, Shar and Guc, battling an evil witch to reclaim their home.

Players control both dragons simultaneously, providing an immersive experience. The game features diverse monster designs, over 80 levels, and unique boss fights and puzzles. The graphics are bold and colorful, with a Japanese style. Mastering the two-dragon control system is crucial for success in Devilish. The game is challenging and requires coordination and precision.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the experience.

23. Lunar: Samporosu Gaiden


Samporosu Gaiden, an exclusive Japanese game for Sega Game Gear, blends platforming, action, and puzzle-solving. Players control Samporosu, an agile and acrobatic squirrel, through challenging levels.

The game’s pixel art graphics are beautifully designed and offer a whimsical, animated world. Each level is filled with life and personality, from lush forests to ancient temples.

Lunar Adventure: Samporosu Gaiden on Sega Game Gear

Samporosu Gaiden is unafraid to challenge your skills with obstacles and enemies that require good reflexes and quick problem-solving abilities. The game offers various capacities, such as wall-jumping, double-jumping, and using magical scrolls to unleash power attacks.

Uncover a captivating storyline through boss battles and quirky characters as you progress through the game. Samporosu must collect the fragments of a shattered mystical artifact to restore peace to the kingdom.

22. Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog on Game Gear is a classic side-scrolling platformer released in 1991. Players control Sonic as he battles against Dr. Robotnik. The game features a different level design, soundtrack, and gameplay than the Sega Genesis version. Sonic collects rings, defeats enemies, and races against the clock. Players can also collect Chaos Emeralds in particular stages. The game received positive reviews and showcased the capabilities of the Game Gear console.

It remains one of the platform’s most popular games, allowing players to experience Sonic’s high-speed action on the go.

21. Super Columns


Get ready for addictive puzzle action with Super Columns on the Game Gear. Clear matching sets of falling gemstones to keep the grid from piling up too high.

The portable nature of Super Columns makes it perfect for gaming on the go. Whip out your Game Gear and get lost in a jewel-matching frenzy anytime and anywhere.

Addictive Puzzle Action: Super Columns on Sega Game Gear

Achieve higher scores and unlock new levels as you clear more gems. However, this game can quickly become addicting and consume every waking moment.

Embrace the nostalgia of retro gaming and give Super Columns a try. It offers simplicity, challenge, and addictive gameplay that will keep you returning for more. Match, swap, and clear those columns to become a gem master!

20. Ristar


Ristar, a platform video game developed by Sega, was released for the Game Gear in February 1995. While it shares themes and gameplay elements with the Sega Genesis version, Ristar for the Game Gear has unique levels. The gameplay mechanics were well received by critics, who felt they were well executed on the aging Game Gear system.

In Ristar for the Game Gear, players control Ristar, a shooting star, as he embarks on a mission to defeat the evil tyrant Greedy and free the galaxy of Valdi from his reign of terror. The game is a side-scrolling platformer where players must navigate Ristar through levels, avoiding enemies and obstacles. The objective is to progress through six planets and overcome various challenges to defeat Greedy.

Despite being a handheld version, Ristar on the Game Gear managed to capture the essence of the original Genesis game and deliver an enjoyable gameplay experience. It received positive feedback from critics and players alike, solidifying its place as a notable title on the Game Gear platform.

19. Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble, an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986, was also released for the Sega Game Gear. In Bubble Bobble, players control dragons named Bub and Bob, who must navigate through 100 levels, trapping enemies in bubbles and bursting them to defeat them. The goal is to clear each level by defeating all the enemies present. The Sega Game Gear version of Bubble Bobble featured the same gameplay mechanics and levels as the original arcade version, allowing players to enjoy the classic bubble-popping action on their handheld device.

18. Land of Illusion, Starring Mickey Mouse


Land of Illusion, Starring Mickey Mouse, is a classic platformer game for the Sega Game Gear, released in 1993 by Sega. It is based on the Disney character Mickey Mouse and follows his adventure to save his kidnapped friends in the Land of Illusion.

Players control Mickey as he fights enemies and overcomes obstacles to progress through various stages in the game. Mickey can collect items and power-ups to aid him on his journey.

The game received positive reviews for its graphics, sound, and gameplay, making it a popular title for the Sega Game Gear. Its vibrant visuals, catchy music, and sound effects help to create an immersive fantasy world for players to enjoy.

17. Fatal Fury Special


Fatal Fury Special on the Sega Game Gear is a portable version of the popular arcade game released by SNK in 1993. It aimed to capture the essence of the arcade experience on the handheld console, although it may not boast the same level of graphical fidelity.

The game features an impressive roster of 15 fighters, including iconic characters like Terry Bogard, Geese Howard, and Mai Shiranui. Each fighter brings their unique moves, combos, and superattacks to the table, offering players a variety of ways to pummel their opponents.

While the Sega Game Gear version of Fatal Fury Special may not offer arcade-quality visuals, it still delivers an enjoyable fighting experience. The handheld limitations may have resulted in some sacrifices, but it keeps the spirit of the original intact, providing players with on-the-go brawling excitement.

16. Crystal Warriors

Crystal Warriors

Crystal Warriors is a turn-based strategy game developed and published by Sega for the Game Gear in 1991 (Japan) and 1992 (Europe and North America). It is one of the earliest RPG titles released for the Game Gear. It incorporates elements from popular games like Fire Emblem and Shining Force while introducing its unique gameplay mechanics.

In the game, players embark on a quest to recover the stolen Gems of Power to protect the kingdom of Arliel from an invasion by the Jyn Empire. Crystal Warriors features a variety of enemy types and challenging boss battles, with each boss battle allowing players to recruit new characters to their party.

Strategic Fantasy Battles: Crystal Warriors on Game Gear

One notable feature of Crystal Warriors is its elemental system, where characters are classified into four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. Characters can only attack enemies of opposing elements or those without a component. This adds a strategic element to the turn-based combat, as players must exploit the elemental weaknesses of their enemies.

Crystal Warriors offers a unique blend of strategy and RPG elements, providing an engaging gameplay experience for Game Gear players.

15. Mega Man


So, picture this: Mega Man, that iconic little blue hero we all know and love, makes his way onto the Sega Game Gear in North America in 1994. Developed by Freestyle and published by U.S. Gold, this action-packed platformer is a part of the legendary Mega Man series by Capcom. Can I get a whoop-whoop for that?

Although it shares a title with the NES original, the Sega Game Gear version of Mega Man is not a remake but a unique standalone entry. The game combines elements from Mega Man 4 and Mega Man 5 on the NES, offering players a familiar yet distinct experience. As Mega Man, players battle against a variety of robotic adversaries, defeat their bosses, and acquire special weapons to enhance their arsenal.

Now, I must admit, my friend, I haven’t had the chance to experience Mega Man on the Sega Game Gear personally (bummer, I know). But from what I’ve discovered, it offers a familiar yet distinct experience that’ll surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

14. Shining Force Gaiden: The Final Conflict


Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict is a tactical role-playing game released for the Sega Game Gear in 1995. It takes place between the events of the original Shining Force and Shining Force II games. The game continued the story of the Shining Force series and was intended to bridge the gap between the two mainline Genesis/Mega Drive titles.

In The Final Conflict, players command a group of warriors navigating through various maps and engaging in strategic battles against enemy forces. The game features turn-based combat and requires players to carefully plan their strategies, considering the strengths and weaknesses of their characters and exploiting the terrain to gain an advantage.

13. Bust-A-Move


Bust-A-Move was released for the Sega Game Gear in Japan in August 1996 under «Puzzle Bobble.» The game was developed by Santos and published by Taito in Japan, while Sega handled the publishing duties in the United States.

The objective is simple: clear all the bubbles without letting any cross the bottom line. Players control the lovable characters Bub and Bob, who shoot bubbles from the Bubble Launcher. The real challenge is in the strategy — trying to match three identically colored bubbles to earn points and clear the board.

But what stood out about the Sega Game Gear version of Bust-A-Move is the additional content players can enjoy. Not only does it include all 100 rounds from the original arcade game, but there are also new rounds! Plus, with the added feature of a Versus Mode, players can go head-to-head against their friends or the computer using a Gear-to-Gear Cable.

12. Sonic Chaos


Sonic Chaos, also known as Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos1, is a platform game Sega published for both the Master System and Game Gear consoles in 1993. In this game, players control Sonic the Hedgehog and his sidekick, Miles «Tails» Prower, as they work together to retrieve the stolen Chaos Emeralds from the notorious Dr. Robotnik.

The Game Gear version of Sonic Chaos offers an exciting experience for players who prefer gaming on the go. The game features side-scrolling levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and loops that Sonic and Tails must overcome to complete their mission. With vibrant visuals and catchy music, Sonic Chaos provides an enjoyable platforming experience that fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise can appreciate.

11. Phantasy Star Gaiden


Phantasy Star Gaiden is a role-playing game released exclusively in Japan for the Sega Game Gear on October 16, 1992. Developed by Sega, it is part of the Phantasy Star series and serves as a spinoff to Phantasy Star II. The game takes place on Copto, one light-year away from the Algo star system.

As a standalone RPG, Phantasy Star Gaiden takes players on an adventure with the courageous protagonist Kyra as she sets out to rescue her captured brother. It’s a tale of heroism, mystery, and, of course, epic battles.

Expanding Phantasy Star: Phantasy Star Gaiden on Sega Game Gear

Did you know that an English-patched version of Phantasy Star Gaiden exists? Yes, indeed! Thanks to the efforts of dedicated fans, non-Japanese speakers can now delve into the game’s world and enjoy its rich storyline. It’s truly remarkable how the retro-gaming community comes together to keep these classic gems alive.

Some players felt that Phantasy Star Gaiden didn’t quite reach the same level as its predecessors regarding RPG depth and complexity. However, others appreciated the portability and accessibility that the Game Gear version offered. It’s always a balancing act, isn’t it?

10. Virtua Fighter Animation


It is a fighting game released for the Sega Game Gear in 1996. This game is based on the Virtua Fighter anime series and features a story mode with cutscenes between stages. The main gameplay mode involves unlocking characters after defeating them in the story. It also includes three different viewing modes, which added a distinct feature not found in other games of that era.

Step into the animated world and take part in the action alongside your beloved characters! With the story mode and those engaging cutscenes between stages, you feel like you’re in the middle of an epic martial arts saga.

Now, let me just mention the English script. They decided to bring in a touch of comedy, shaking things up a bit from the serious tone of the original Japanese version. Some fans might have loved it, while others might have missed the faithful adaptation. But hey, a little laughter never hurt anyone, right?

7. Psychic World


In 1991, Hertz and Sega joined forces to create Psychic World, a side-scrolling action platformer that takes players on an exciting adventure through the mind of a young psychic girl named Lucia. Her unique telekinetic abilities allow her to manipulate objects and defeat enemies, making her one formidable proto-superhero.

The vibrant, colorful pixel art style of the game is a feast for the eyes and conjures memories of simpler times when games were about having fun, and the pixels were not just blocks in a game but representations of characters and worlds. The game employs clever level design, challenging platforming segments, hidden areas, and cleverly placed enemies, leaving players constantly engaged as they navigate through each stage.

As the game progresses, Lucia’s psychic powers evolve, allowing her to unlock new abilities and enhance her existing ones, which is a testament to the game’s well-thought-out mechanics that ensure you are constantly learning something new. These growing abilities add to the satisfying feeling of progress and make the players feel like they are on a journey of discovery and growth.

Mysterious Psychic Adventure: Psychic World on Sega Game Gear

One of the highlights of Psychic World is the exceptional soundtrack composed by the legendary Katsuhiko Suzuki. The catchy tunes capture the essence of the gameplay and add to the overall retro vibe. They’re so good that you will find yourself humming along to the music even when you’re not playing.

In conclusion, Psychic World on the Sega Game Gear is a hidden gem and a must-try for fans of retro gaming and action platformer enthusiasts alike. It’s a game that’s well worth your time, offering an exceptional gaming experience that captures the childlike joy of gaming’s early years. So, immerse yourself in the world of Lucia and rekindle those cherished memories with this game gem!

6. Dynamite Headdy


Dynamite Headdy, released in 1994 by Sega and produced by Treasure, is a platform video game developed for the Sega Genesis system, with ports to the Game Gear and Sega Master System. The game follows Headdy, a puppet hero, in his efforts to prevent an evil puppet king from taking over his world. The game employs a variety of gameplay mechanics, including head-throwing and head-swapping, to defeat enemies while navigating through levels.

Despite being a downport, or scaled-down for a lesser system, Dynamite Headdy is a solid 2D platformer with authentic gameplay mechanics and vibrant graphics that capture the essence of the original game. The Game Gear version includes most of the levels as the Sega Genesis version, albeit with decreased visual quality.

Dynamite Headdy on Game Gear features two major differences from other versions: two-player cooperative play and the omission of several levels on different platforms. The Game Gear version includes four new levels. Several boss battles were re-designed to fit on the smaller screen. Despite these changes, Dynamite Headdy retains its core gameplay mechanics, smooth character movement, and challenging level design. The Game Gear version stands on its own, providing a unique handheld experience for gamers.

5. Tails Adventure


Tails Adventure is a platform game developed by Aspect and published by Sega on the Game Gear in 1995. Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog games, Tails takes the spotlight as the main character, showcasing his abilities and personality. The game follows Tails as he navigates through levels on Cocoa Island to stop an invasion by the Battle Kukku Army. Players control Tails, using tools and weapons like the Energy Ball, napalm bombs, and the Power Paraloop to defeat enemies and complete objectives.

Tails Adventure stands out from other Sonic spin-offs with its slower-paced gameplay and gear-based progression system. As Tails progresses, he acquires gadgets and gear to access new areas and defeat challenging enemies.

Although exclusive to the Game Gear, Tails Adventure received praise for its graphics, sound, and gameplay. It has been ported to other systems like mobile and Virtual Console, cementing its status as a beloved classic for retro gaming enthusiasts.

4. Sylvan Tale


Sylvan Tale is an action-adventure game created by Sega for the Game Gear in 1995, exclusive to Japan. However, an English patch made by Aeon Genesis allows players worldwide to enjoy the game.

The game revolves around Zetts, who is transported to a place called Verda after being lured by a mysterious tree’s light. As Zetts, players explore various environments, battle enemies, and solve puzzles using an array of new weapons and abilities. Sylvan Tale combines elements of action and role-playing games within a fantasy theme. The gameplay offers exploration, combat, and puzzles that create an immersive experience for players.

Despite being exclusively released in Japan, the game gained a following among retro gaming enthusiasts worldwide. The English patch makes the game accessible to players, and Sylvan Tale is considered a hidden gem on the Game Gear with positive reviews for its visuals, gameplay, and charm.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble


Released in 1994, it is the sequel to Sonic Chaos and features classic side-scrolling gameplay with Sonic the Hedgehog as the main protagonist.

The game introduces the character of Knuckles the Echidna as a playable character, marking the first appearance of Knuckles in a handheld Sonic game. This addition added a new dynamic to the gameplay, as players could now choose between Sonic and Knuckles, each with their unique abilities.

In Sonic Triple Trouble, players navigate through various levels, collecting rings, defeating enemies, and trying to stop Dr. Robotnik’s plans to obtain the Chaos Emeralds. The game retains the high-speed action and platforming challenges that the Sonic the Hedgehog series is known for. Sonic and Knuckles each have unique abilities, allowing players to approach levels differently.

2. Streets of Rage 2


This beat’em-up game was initially released for the Sega Game Gear back in 1993. It’s actually a port of the popular Sega Genesis game of the same name, so you know it’s got some serious street cred!

In Streets of Rage 2, you’ve got four awesome playable characters to choose from: Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, Eddie «Skate» Hunter, and Max Thunder. Each character brings their style and moves to the game, making trying out different strategies while taking down bad guys a blast.

Beat ‘Em Up Excellence: Streets of Rage 2 on Sega Game Gear

One of the best things about this game is its intuitive upgrade system. You can earn money by winning races, which you can use to upgrade your vehicle’s performance. From tires to engines to nitro boosts, Super Off-Road has it all!

Regarding reviews, Streets of Rage 2 on the Sega Game Gear received some solid praise. Critics and gamers alike loved the game’s graphics, sound design, and overall smoothness of the gameplay. Even though the Game Gear had limitations, the port delivered a pretty decent experience.

1. Gunstar Heroes


Trust me, this game is a total winner. It’s a run-and-gun masterpiece developed by Treasure, taking full advantage of the Game Gear’s capabilities. With smooth controls and intense action, you’ll be dodging bullets and unleashing a barrage of firepower that would make any action hero proud.

But what really sets Gunstar Heroes apart is its incredible weapon system. There are four unique weapon combinations to choose from, each with its strengths and playstyle. Whether you prefer fiery destruction or brute force, you can tailor your arsenal to match your combat style.

Get ready for some epic boss battles. Gunstar Heroes throws towering robots and monstrous creatures your way, challenging your skills to the limit. Discover their weak spots, dodge their attacks, and unleash a storm of bullets to emerge victorious.

Legendary Shooting Action: Gunstar Heroes on Game Gear

The level design in Gunstar Heroes is top-notch. Each stage offers a variety of challenges, from treacherous platforms to intricate mazes. The lush jungles and futuristic cities, beautifully rendered on the Game Gear’s screen, will immerse you in a thrilling world.

And here’s the cherry on top: multiplayer mode. Grab a friend and team up for heart-pounding co-op action. Share the victories, laugh together, and create unforgettable memories.

In a nutshell, Gunstar Heroes on Game Gear is a true gem. Its fast-paced gameplay, innovative weapon system, epic boss battles, captivating level design, and engaging multiplayer mode make it a must-play.


Thank you for joining me on this unforgettable journey through the top 50 Sega retro games. May the nostalgia keep burning bright in your hearts, and may you continue to embrace the magic of retro gaming in all its pixelated glory.

If you’re feeling inspired to relive these nostalgic adventures, fire up your emulators with builds.io!

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