Unc0ver - Jailbreak for iOS

Unc0ver - Jailbreak for iOS

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Unlock the full potential of your iOS device with unc0ver. Download the unc0ver jailbreak app now and unleash your device from the limitations Apple sets.

With unc0ver jailbreak, you can customize your iOS experience to your liking. Access unlimited customization options, download third-party app tweaks and gain complete control over your device.

Whether you're looking to bypass restrictions, customize your user interface, or unlock your device's full potential, unc0ver jailbreak has covered you. Download the unc0ver jailbreak app for iOS version 11.0 - 14.8.

Say goodbye to the limitations set by Apple and hello to unc0ver jailbreak. Download the unc0ver tool today and take complete control of your device.

Enjoy the stable and reliable performance with the unc0ver jailbreak app. Plus, with no computer required, you can easily jailbreak your iOS device on the go.

Important! This app does not work on iOS 15 and above


  • Jailbreak without computer
  • Support iOS version 11.0 - 14.8
  • Security remains intact while enabling access to jailbreak files.
  • Any installed jail​break software can be uninstalled by re-jail​breaking with the restore rootfs option to take Apple's service
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