GBA4iOS 2.1 Emulator

GBA4iOS 2.1 Emulator

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Unlock the power of classic gaming on your iOS device with the GBA4iOS version 2.1 emulator. Transform your iPhone or iPad into a portable Game Boy Advance console and relive your favorite childhood memories in 2024.

With GBA4iOS, you can easily experience the thrill of console games GameBoy series on iOS. Whether you're a Pokémon, Super Mario, or The Legend of Zelda fan, this emulator covers you.

GBA4iOS provides a seamless and immersive experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games on a larger screen with enhanced controls.

With GBA4iOS, you can access a GameBoy Color and GameBoy emulator for iOS devices, adding even more depth to your gaming library.

Don't wait any longer - download GBA4iOS now and embark on a journey through the nostalgia-filled world of GBA gaming. Experience the magic of GBA4iOS 2.1 and relive the excitement of your favorite childhood titles.

Users’ Notes

Wireless Linking is unstable and slow


  • GBA, GBC, GB Console Support
  • Full iPhone & iPad support
  • DropBox Synch
  • External Controllers Support: Works perfectly with MFi Controllers
  • Cheat Codes
  • Save States
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