A long time ago in a 2D universe far, far away…

There was a vulpine villain called Pumpking. His days were orange and nights darker than black. The darkest nights you’ve ever see.

He loathed the whole world around him: fun, emulators, retro games and most of all Halloween. The day millions of his friends and family were killed. And eventually he stopped the party – he stole the Princess of Mario, stomped all mushrooms and burned flowers. (And revoked all emulators).

Then he visited the Kingdom of Hyrule, where he laid everything in ashes. Except for the pumpkin seeds left on the former blooming lands of Hyrule. Later, he turned all 721 pokemon into pumpkin and since that nobody could save the universe… And nobody’s name was Mr. G – the venturous ghost, the spirit of Halloween and friendship, the only not-pumpkin alive at this planet. His time has come.

Save the universe with Mr. G and return back retro gaming!

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Game by BuildStore and 8-bit tune by Nikolai Kruglov

Thanks to iEmulators (iemulators.com) and to all fans of retro gaming, emulators users and developers.