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Version 0.19.2 (latest)
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Xash3D FWGS is a port of Xash3D SDL, which compatible with GoldSrc engine. Allows playing Half-Life out-of-the-box and many Half-Life based modifications.


To launch Half-Life, you need:

  • a purchased game in Steam.
  • installed Xash3D on device.

  • What’s New

  • Engine: new strobing implementation from @fuzun. For details, see PR #353.
  • Engine: secondary master server, yay! Thanks to @jeefo for hosting.
  • Engine: -safegl command line switch(see 515438c)
  • Engine: string pool statistics for 64-bit platforms.
  • MainUI C++: servers sorting by name, players, ping, etc.
  • MainUI C++: cancel button in player introduce dialog.
  • MainUI C++: add touch acceleration settings, now it is easy configurable
  • iOS: logs now printed to system log also.
  • iOS: 64-bit support
  • iOS: iOS 6.x support
  • SailfishOS: early initial support.

  • Information

    Version: 0.19.2

    Updated at: March 25, 2019, 11:26 a.m.

    Created by: xash3d

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