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WhatsApp Watusi

Version 2.21.240-1.4.17-4.1.12



Watusi is your all-in-one tweak for WhatsApp messenger.

It allows you to enhance and customize WhatsApp the way you like while protecting your privacy with a wide range of features.

The tweak is free to use with a single ad banner on top of the chats and has the option to purchase a license from settings to remove ads and unlock some premium features. The one-time license costs 9.99$, Watusi 2 users will get 25% discount, or 50% discount if purchased less than 6 months ago.


  • Freeze lastseen
  • Disable Read Receipts for Specific Contacts
  • Disable Typing Indicator for Specific Contacts
  • Disable Delivery Receipts
  • Filter your contacts list sent to WhatsApp in order to block some users from checking your picture, last seen and status.
  • Disable VOIP interface and block incoming calls.
  • Protection

  • Protect WhatsApp with a passcode and TouchID
  • Protect your chats with a passcode and TouchID by swiping on the chat from chats list.
  • Bypass protection features on specific WiFi network
  • Media

  • Change your share sheet style by adding new options to it such as sending music or blocking your contact.
  • Different share sheet styles including a sheet with an image picker to directly send an image.
  • Auto save your incoming media into a custom camera roll album.
  • Select an unlimited number of photos to send at once.<.li>
  • Delete all chat's media in a single button.
  • Addons

  • Call Recorder
  • Tap once to record voice messages without holding.
  • Add your contacts' status on top of their chat.
  • View your contacts' status change date.
  • Pin your favorite chats on top of the chat list.
  • Lock chats in archive so it does not move back to chat list on new messages.
  • Show all your groups in a single page.
  • Show confirmation alert for call buttons including the option to call via your carrier.
  • View members profile picture in group chats next to their messages.
  • Open your contacts picture when tapping on their thumbnails.
  • Open a new chat using a phone number without the need to add it in your contacts.
  • Open links in an In-App browser.
  • Long left swipe on a cell to delete it.
  • Replace mark as read right swipe with your contact info.
  • Select all contacts when creating a group or broadcast
  • User Interface

  • Replace contacts tab bar with old status list view.
  • Disable large emoji size in chat messages.
  • Show seconds in timestamps.
  • Enable send button in chats while offline.
  • Show keyboard when opening a chat.
  • Disable landscape rotation in WhatsApp.
  • Mute sending message sound and key clicks.
  • Hide your contact profile picture from top right of their chats.
  • Hide camera button from input bar.
  • Hide call button from top of chats.
  • Hide status bar inside WhatsApp.
  • Theme

  • Change global app tint color
  • Change chat text font
  • Change chat text size
  • Incoming chat text color
  • Outgoing chat text color
  • Chat URL color
  • Message input text color
  • Incoming bubble background color
  • Outgoing bubble background color
  • Incoming bubble background opacity
  • Outgoing bubble background opacity
  • Change keyboard color to dark or dark and blue
  • Notifications

  • Hide badges of muted chats or groups

  • Information

    Version: 2.21.240-1.4.17-4.1.12

    Updated at: Dec. 9, 2021, 3:21 p.m.

    Created by: Fouad Raheb

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