Score Wizard for iPad

Score Wizard for iPad

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Score Wizard is a PDF sheet music viewer created by a pianist for other pianists, musicians and music lovers. From visual score enhancement to automated page turns - it does it all:

- Automatically clean, crop, rotate and straighten your scores

- Train scores for automated page turns, use a BT pedal, or wink to flip

- Annotate scores with free drawing, text and music symbols

- Import IMSLP scores from Safari with a single tap

- Convert images from photo library into PDF scores

- Rearrange pages with drag-and-drop, duplicate and delete

- Create link buttons to skip to specific pages

- Manage your library with iOS's own Files App interface

- Convenient bookmarks and setlists

- Save and retrieve scores from your favorite cloud service

- Use a lightweight and convenient metronome

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Ron Regev
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