Palettes - Photo Editor

Palettes - Photo Editor

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Palettes is an app where photography is enhanced through simplicity and minimalistic design. It allows you to outline the dominant five colors and hues of your selected picture and place the palette anywhere on your photo within a few taps. Five app themes in contrast to each other are available for you to pick from: desert, mountains, sea, city, and abstract; each theme using pictures curated around the world by us.

*CREATE YOUR AMAZING PALETTES RIGHT NOW* with our beautifully designed App

Palettes is used by artists, photographers, influencers, travelers, and so many more!

- See the palette live-updating its colors when taking a photo

- Select one photo from your library

- Edit your palette using the magnifier glass by selecting the color at a specific pixel

- Edit your palette by choosing some monochromatic color schemes

- Play with the monochromatic brightness

- Edit your palette using the HUE feature, selecting more precise colors

- Select a preset palette or drag, rotate and scale it and place it anywhere on your photo

- Export the photo maintaining its original quality

- Change the App theme (5 themes available), all of them are inspired by shots taken by us all around the world


Share your photos on your favorite social media using our hashtag #palettesapp to get featured

- Save your created photo in the library

- Share it on Instagram Stories

- Share it as a Facebook post


We tried to implement the easiest way to create an amazing photo which can look even more artistic when sharing it on social media


- Ability to change themes within the App

- Export your photos in high quality

- Choose from the available color schemes

- Crop the photo choosing your preferred aspect ratio

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