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Loop it

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You can make a beat in seconds and a loop in a minute with “Loop it”. It's the easiest app for creating music ever made.

“Loop it” is easy to use for non-musicians and useful for professionals.


- Make beats

- Make loops

- Make tracks


- Includes 14 drum sounds and 75 instrument sounds

- Comes preloaded with 7 loops and 2 tracks

- Record your own sounds

- Import sounds in .wav format (via Mail app)

- Up to 8 layers of sound in a loop

- Up to 10 channels in a track

- Save and load as many sounds, loops and tracks as you like

- Set the tempo from 10 to 300 bpm

- Change the volume of each sound in a loop and each channel in a track

- Export sounds, loops and tracks to mail in .wav format

- Merge several sound layers to one

- Export loops and tracks to your media library in .mov format

- You can add photos to the sounds to mark them

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