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i2Ray is a powerful network utility to secure your internet traffic by capturing all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP insecure traffic from any applications on your device, and redirecting to trusted servers following configurable rules.

Powered by V2Ray-Core, i2Ray supports the following protocols:


- TCP over TLS

- mKCP

- WS

- WSS (WS over TLS)

- HTTP/2.0

- TLS 1.3

It can stream your traffic with different types of encrypt methods:

- aes-256-cfb

- aes-128-cfb

- aes-256-gcm

- aes-128-gcm

- chacha20

- chacha20-ietf

- chacha20-poly1305

Setup your own V2Ray server to protect your privacy today!


- i2Ray does not provide any server side services. Please setup your own servers or ask for help from your friends. More information can be found in i2Ray's official website.

- i2Ray is a client side application. No user data will be sent to our severs. More details are listed in https://i2ray.com/privacy.html .

- Want to know more about V2Ray? Please visit their official website: https://v2ray.com/ .

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