Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera Modded

Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera Modded

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Dazz camera, your pocket photographer.

No need for post-editing, the most realistic film photography or video is instantly presented with a single click.

The Dazz camera is inspired by the retro film camera of the 80s. Based on the film proofs, we 100% restore the color, texture and noise of the film. There will also be interesting light leakage effects.

The Dazz camera will launch new cameras from time to time, let’s look forward to it .

Other function items

- Take two photos to superimpose the double exposure effect.

- Timed self-timer function.

- With a flash in the dark, you can take a more film texture.

- camera assistant grid.

- Fisheye lens.

- Flash Colors.

- Exposure adjustment.

- Photo with square frame, convenient to share to Instagram

When you share photos on social networks, you can use the #dazzcamera tag. Our editor will occasionally select wonderful photos to join our collection!

For any questions, please send an email to dazz.camera@gmail.com

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