Instagram Rocket

Instagram Rocket

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Instagram Injected With Rocket Tweak by Majd Alfhaily ,, Support Notification

WARNING!!! : This App Only Support TrollStore Users

*Rocket Features:

• Save any photo to Camera Roll me .

• Save any video to Camera Roll .

• Hold down on an image to view high resolution version of it .

• Hold down on a video to view high resolution version of it .

• Double tap or hold on a profile image to view it in full screen.

• Mute and Unmute users from home and activity feed .

• Hide sponsored posts .

• Show following status on user profile .

• Share images using default iOS share sheet .

• View direct messages without notifying sender .

• Easily toggle feed layout between grid and list with a press of a button .

• Confirmation alert when you double-tap a post to like .

• Tap times inside a post cell to show full timestamp .

• View stories without marking them as seen .

• Download photos and videos from stories .

• Manually mark stories as seen .

• Show entire gallery instead of last 24 hours in story maker .

Majd Alfhaily
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