ZiniTevi for iOS

ZiniTevi for iOS

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Discover a world of entertainment with ZiniTevi, the ultimate streaming experience for iOS users. Whether you're an avid movie enthusiast or a TV show addict, this app covers you. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, this application offers seamless navigation and endless entertainment options.

You can easily download the app on your iPhone or iPad and dive into a vast content library. Stay updated with the latest releases and binge-watch your favorite shows, all in stunning high-definition quality in 2023.

Experience the future of streaming with this media utility. Download the ZiniTevi now and unlock a world of movies and TV shows directly on your iOS device. Enjoy endless options, convenience, and unparalleled streaming quality. Don't miss out – download ZiniTevi iPA today and elevate your entertainment experience.

Important! Always Connect to a VPN when using this app. Better Safe than Sorry.


  • Game Input options
  • Emulated Speed
  • iCade and MFi controllers support
  • Apple TV running tvOS
  • Full universal support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Developer
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