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uYou: uYou has a ton of features that I can't list them all. Visit here for more info!

iSponsorBlock: Skips annoying sponsor ads inside videos. iSponsorBlock is based on SponsorBlock engine. Basically, this is the iOS version of the SponsorBlock extension.

YouPiP: enable YouTube's native PiP. More options are in YouTube Settings - General.

YTUHD: unlock VP9 codec and in effect, enables video quality of 2K and 4K. You can enable/disable YTUHD in YouTube Settings - Video quality preferences.

YTClassicVideoQuality: Since YouTube v16.xx, changing video quality requires an extra step. YTClassicVideoQuality brings back the old video quality selector, which is more user-friendly than the new one.

YTNoHoverCards: This tweak offers the option to enable or disable the annoying suggested videos that appear at the end of YouTube videos.

YouRememberCaption: YouRememberCaption makes YouTube remember your video caption setting (if not already).

NoYTPremium: NoYTPremium removes YouTube Premium upsells, preventing the ads and promotions for YouTube Premium from appearing.

YTSpeed: YTSpeed adds additional playback speed options of 2.25x, 2.5x, 2.75x, and 3x to the YouTube app, providing more flexibility in video playback speed.

YTMiniplayerEnabler: YTMiniplayerEnabler enables the Miniplayer feature for all YouTube videos.

DontEatMyContent: This tweak prevents the notch or Dynamic Island from obstructing 2:1 video content on YouTube, ensuring a better viewing experience.

YTABConfig: This tweak gives users control over YouTube's A/B testing flags, allowing them to enable or disable experimental features.

YouMute: YouMute provides a button to mute YouTube videos in the video player, offering a convenient way to toggle the audio on and off.

YouQuality: YouQuality offers a button to change the video quality of YouTube videos in the video player, allowing quick access to different quality options.

YTVideoOverlay: YTVideoOverlay adds buttons to overlay the video, providing quick access to features like captions, speed control, and quality settings.

LowContrastMode: LowContrastMode is a tweak that allows users to darken the text in the YouTube app, making it easier to read. <-- uYouPlusExtra Exclusive Feature (subject to change)

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