NineAnimator - Anime App for iOS

NineAnimator - Anime App for iOS

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Welcome to NineAnimator, the ultimate anime app that lets you stream your favorite series straight to your iOS device. With a vast collection of titles and intuitive features, 9Animator is the go-to for anime enthusiasts of all ages.

The Nine Animator app allows you to access thousands of animation titles, ranging from classic favorites to the latest releases. Watch the series on the go, and never miss a beat from the latest adventures of your favorite characters. Stay updated with the latest releases and never miss an episode of your favorite anime show notification system, notifying users about new episodes and seasons as they become available.

Download NineAnimator iPA to your iOS device and enjoy access to your favorite anime movies and series. This player is adapted to both devices whether you have an iPhone or iPad.


  • Download and Play Episodes Offline
  • No ADS and No Logins
  • Support Multiple Anime Websites
  • Playback History & Auto Resumes
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