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Sonic Runners Revival

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Sonic Runners Revival is an 2D endless runner game for Android and iOS. Aim for the top on the leaderboards! Here are some features and characters from the game: NOTICE: The open beta will only feature the core gameplay of Sonic Runners. This means only these things are currently working:

  • The first level in endless/story mode
  • Timed Mode in its entirety
  • 2.0.3 Events Selecting through the web interface
  • Character and Buddy swapping through the web interface
  • Longer Nicknames through the web interface
  • Things like Stats, Saving Scores, Story Mode, Leaderboards, Roulette and more are all planned for the full release. Until then please enjoy the open beta to get running!


    Version: 1

    Updated at: 2019-11-15 11:17:40

    Created by: Laxus

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