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Injected Tweaks:

• RedditFilter by level3tjg - Filter out unwated content from your Reddit feed

• RedditSideloadFix by level3tjg - Fix crash on start when sideloading Reddit app

• Riskkit by AppleCraxkhead - Unblurs NSFW and Spoiler posts on Reddit and Apollo

• RedditCache by Wh0ba - Diplays the cache size on the clear cache label on the official reddit app/(Show cache size in settings)

• RedditCacheClearer by level3tjg - Clear the reddit video cache every time you open the app to save space

• RedditAutoScroll by pxcex - Reddit Apps AutoScroll prevents finger fatigue when scrolling a lot on &

• RedditUndoScrollUp by aleksilassila - Second status bar tap scrolls you back where you were

• RedditOldDiscovery by level3tjg (Disable the new Reddit discovery tab)

May include in-app purchases

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