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This project was created in order to have a stable and modern SNES emulator for iOS to bring an authentic joy to the latest devices.


  • Full Screen support
  • SMC and ZIP Support
  • Simple UI
  • Manual State
  • Auto-frameskip
  • Sound Toggle
  • Controllers Selection
  • Automatic State Saving/Resuming

  • What’s New

  • Added arm64 support
  • Removed armv7 support
  • Fixed exit game crashing on Snes9X
  • Changed core to Snes9X 1.53 Plus
  • Fixed a save file issue
  • Increased the spacing of the controls
  • Removed the turn off full-screen option
  • Removed the controller's option because they aren't supported for arm64
  • Fixed open in MeSNEmu crash
  • Added Files app support

  • Users’ Notes

    There are no reported issues so far



    Updated at: Feb. 11, 2019, 6:49 p.m.

    Created by: lmmenge

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