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Formerly known as SiOS, MeSNEmu is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator created by Lucas Mendes Menge which he developed as a hobby in order to have a more modern and stable SNES emulator for iOS.

Lucas is a developer born in Recife, Brazil who chose to develop apps for the iPhone. He graduated from UNICAP in 2008 and since has worked with other people on various projects such as MeSNEmu and Orbit.

Previously available emulators of this kind were either only obtainable on Cydia (which requires being jailbroken), simply didn't run well when "home built" due to a much-outdated SNES9X codebase or simply had messy iOS implementations. In fact, this project started as a Xcode-compatible port of ZodTTD's snes4iphone and has been since rewritten beyond recognition.

MeSNEmu is a fun way to take a step back to the days when the SNES systems ruled the market.

In October 2014, the popular SNES emulator changed its name from SiOS to MeSNEmu. It is not confirmed but it is more than likely it was changed to differentiate from a tech company in California known as SIOS and avoid potential issues.

What's New

This new version changes the name from SiOS to MeSNEmu. It also introduces fixes to bugs on iPad, updated support for newer iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, fixes for iOS 8, and frame skip bugs. This version now requries devices to be on iOS 7.1 and up.
  • Adds support for snakebite idroid:con
  • Reworked controller string storage
  • Now supports IPEGA PG-9025 controller

  • Features

    • SNES9X 1.53 Codebase
    • Full Screen support
    • SMC and ZIP Support
    • Simple UI
    • Manual State
    • Auto-frameskip
    • Sound Toggle
    • Controllers Selection
    • Automatic State Saving/Resuming

    Known Issues

    • Doesn't support iOS 9 and above.

    About this version


    Developer information

    © Created by lmmenge →

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