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“Now You Can Write the Great American Novel on the Subway... Scrivo Pro is capable and powerful” ***** New York Times

"Even if you don't use Scrivener, Scrivo Pro is a useful and powerful writing and editing tool. But, if you do use Scrivener, you'll appreciate the user interface and design" ***** iMore.com

“The other great advantage is that I can work in Scrivo Pro without an internet connection...” ***** Writeorconsequences.com

You have a story to tell, article to publish, class notes to take, whether it’s today’s journal entry, tomorrow’s thesis or a future bestseller novella. Scrivo Pro can help you organize your writing, research, generate ideas, and remove distractions so you can focus on the most important thing: writing.

Scrivo Pro is more than an innovative, fast and reliable writing app designed for anyone who writes. This is a writing workspace for your iOS devices and a great Scrivener and Ulysses companion on your Mac or Windows computer.

If you are a Scrivener 2 or Scrivener 3 user on your computer, Scrivo Pro will open your projects (binder and cork-board with index cards) and seamlessly sync them via iCloud or Dropbox.


· Write Everywhere: Use Scrivo Pro as an stand-alone writing app even if you don’t have a computer or you are offline in the wilds

· Typewriter: Distraction-Free mode that keeps only the paragraph you’re typing at the center of the screen, letting you focus on what you’re writing

· Night mode to help you writing at night

· Create rich text format (RTF) and advanced Markdown (MD) documents

· Our Markdown engine supports the standard syntax but it has been extended to include very useful extra markups: tables, footnotes, lists, images, links, highlight, strikethrough, superscript and MathML

· Advanced RTF formatting: Highlight, strikethrough, subscript/superscript, alignment, line spacing, first-line indent, page breaks, footnotes, comments, text & paper color

· Find and replace

· Pinch to zoom text

· Insert special symbols arrows, parentheses, maths, bullets/stars, GPS location, etc.

· Over 30 languages typing support including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic & Hebrew

· Extra keys: tab, forward delete, cursor up/down/left/right, etc.

· Set your own custom keyboard buttons to your commonly-used keys, text snippets or hard to reach characters

· Define margins, headers/footers, paper sizes, MLA and APA style format

· Live counters: characters, words, sentences, words per sentence & reading time

· Text to Speech for proofreading

· Dictation lets you speak text instead of typing


· Organize your work in unlimited notebooks, folders and subfolders

· Sync projects between Scrivo and Scrivener via Dropbox or iCloud

· Design the cover of your notebooks

· Create projects in a tree-like structure: Sections, Drafts, Folders, Chapters, Research, etc.

· Full-text search your library of documents and projects


· Full PDF reader and manager included for reference files, ebooks, articles, resources, papers, etc.

· Use the camera of your iPad/iPhone to scan documents, notes, recipes, tickets, etc. as PDF

· Use split-screen and multitasking side by side with other apps while writing


· Import/Export from iCloud, Dropbox, Box, WebDAV and Google Drive support

· Export, share and print your documents to multiple formats like RTF, Markdown, PDF, ePub, HTML, RTFD, TXT etc.

· Zip folders/notebooks and email them as an attachment


· Font Book: Preview all the fonts and install new ones (TrueType). Over 120 high quality fonts included!

· Character Name Generator to create male/female names in more than 7 languages

· Thesaurus


· Protect your work with an app security passcode

· Protect any folder or project with a passcode

· Automatic Backups

Free App


Version: 6.1.2

Updated at: Aug. 2, 2022, 12:20 p.m.

Created by: Scrivo App

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