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Pyto is a Python 3.10 IDE for iPhone and iPad. Run code directly on your device and offline. You can run scripts from Shortcuts and code your own home screen widgets.


- Python 3.10 with all standard libraries

- A terminal with UNIX commands

- Smart code completion

- Set breakpoints on your scripts

- Code user interfaces with PytoUI or Toga

- Use pip to install pure Python modules from PyPI

- Access scripts from everywhere

- Run scripts in Picture in Picture

- Preview images and plots on console

- Multiple windows for iPadOS

- Run scripts and code from Siri Shortcuts

- Code your own home screen widgets

- Interact with other apps thanks to x-callback urls

Included third party libraries:

- numpy

- matplotlib

- pandas

- toga


- scipy

- astropy

- statsmodels

- skimage

- sklearn

- cv2

- lxml

- Bio

- cryptography

- zmq

- regex

- gensim

and more!

The libraries listed above require an internet connection to download. However, they remain on the hard disk after the import.

Take advantage system features with the following modules:

- pyto_ui - Build an user interface

- pyto_core - Extend the editor

- widgets - Home Screen Widgets

- file_system - iOS file system

- notifications - Schedule notifications

- remote_notifications - Receive remote notifications

- background - Run code in background

- pasteboard - Clipboard access

- userkeys - Save values on disk

- sound - Play sounds

- music - Access the Apple Music library

- photos - Accessing photos and the camera

- location - Access user's location

- motion - Motion sensors

- multipeer - Peer to peer wireless connection

- apps - Open third party apps

- xcallback - Interact with other apps

- sf_symbols - A list of SF Symbols names

- watch - Complications and static user interfaces for the Apple Watch

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Updated at: 2022-08-10 10:04:06

Created by: CID

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