Leaf Identification

Leaf Identification

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Leaf identification helps you to identify plants just by taking a photo of them with your phone. Our AI technology will recognize what plant is this in a snap, very convenient and fast.

You want to inspire your child to learn more about nature and teach them to identify plants, herbs, flowers in the wild? Say no more, this plant identifier app is what you're looking for. You can easily check for the plant even without internet connection. Whether you're working in your garden or going out for a walk, whenever you encounter a beautiful, unknown plant, simply use this app, take a picture and we will tell you everything.

Leaf Identification can identify 20,000+ species with a guaranteed accuracy of 97%. We understand that there are many trees that look alike and their only difference lies in the very small details. Therefore, our AI system is constantly learning so it can identify plants, flowers, herbs,... more accurately and better everyday.


  • Flowers, trees, plant scanner with AI technology that will identify plants instantly<
  • A huge database of plant id
  • Plant recognition by genus/family
  • Check your plant identification history at any time
  • Simple interface, easy to use for everyone
  • Easily share your plant identification to any devices
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