Tonality: Music Theory

Tonality: Music Theory

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"Best music app tool I own, period!"

"Never downloaded an app so fast in my life"

"Excellent app for music theory. It is brilliantly supported by the developer who is continually updating it... The app is indispensable for the reference and learning of music theory."

Tonality is the ultimate chord, scale, and general music reference tool for musicians of all skill levels. It allows you to explore a large database of chords and scales and comes with tons of MIDI/AUv3 functionality, including chord pads for composition and performance.

NOTE: Tonality will always be a one-time purchase with free upgrades. All IAPs are for tips only.


• Chord dictionary with over 1,000 chords for piano and guitar

• Listen to a chord by tapping, or arpeggiate by swiping

• Reverse search for chords using piano or fretboard

• Identify chords from the microphone using a cutting-edge ML algorithm

• Search for chords by root, quality, and/or extension

• View different inversions and omittable notes

• View related scales


• View charts for any chord

• Supports multiple tunings and instruments (including custom tunings)

• Generate voicings by criteria including fret range, number of fingers used, and finger stretch

• Left-handed option


• Scale dictionary with over 1,000 scales

• Search for scales by root and name, and filter by various tags

• Reverse search for scales using piano or fretboard

• View scale degrees and note names

• View ascending and descending versions

• View all modes and scale chords


• Interactive circle of fifths: view key signatures and scales for major and minor keys

• Focus on diatonic chords in a given key and view Roman numeral analysis


• Learn to recognize notes, melodies, intervals, chords, and scales by ear!

• After each session, view what gave you trouble and create a level with just those items

• View detailed statistics about each training session and your training history


• View musical terms and their definitions/illustrations

• Tempo, symbol, articulation, dynamics, and more


• Special keyboard for typing and previewing chord symbols

• Works wherever iOS keyboard does - enable it from Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards->Add New Keyboard...

---- Includes 4 AUv3 MIDI Plugins! ----


• View the names of the piano chords/scales you play in real time

• Record identified chords and export as text/MIDI


• Add chords via list, scale chords, fretboard, name, or MIDI input

• Drag and drop to and from other apps or plugin instances

• Full voicing control: edit individual notes' octaves and velocities

• Grid sizes from 2x2 to 12x12

• Strum bar for performing arpeggios or individual notes

• MIDI trigger mappable with MIDI learn capability

• Automation parameters for footpedal control

• CC mapping on XY axes

• Multiple velocity sensitivity modes

• Custom presets can be saved and shared across hosts

• Patchstorage integration for community sharing

• Export pad sets as MIDI/XML files

• Import Scaler chord packs (XML)


• View MIDI input in a grand staff in real time

• Detects chord names


• Control other apps with a circle-of-fifths layout

• Modify inversion, octave, extensions, and bass notes on the fly

• Auto-voice lead option


• Create your own chords, scales, fingerings, ear training levels, and definitions

• Show set theory information for any pitch class set, including Forte numbers, pitch constellations, and Tonnetze

• Choose the playback instrument (load any .sf2 file)

• Choose note naming (English or Solfège)

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