ML++ - tweak that makes easier and more convenient to use, allows photo/video downloads and sharing, and improves on the interface.

How To Access ML ++ Settings:

  • Click on profile tab
  • Click on the gear icon with the plus sign in the middle
  • Media Enhancements:

    Share photos and videos using built in iOS share sheet. Download photos and videos to your iOS camera roll or media vault. Disable video auto‚Äźplay Disable video loop.

    Feed Enhancements:

    Autoplay next post in the feed. Confirm "double tap to like": Show alert when double tap to like a post.

    Confirm "like post": Show alert when liking a post.

    Confirm "like comment": Show alert when liking a comment.Hide comments and video description in feed.

    Mute users.


    Version: 7.7 -0

    Updated at: July 30, 2018, 1:52 p.m.

    Created by: kakaswr22

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