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Merge Decor Game: Home Design Hack

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Do you see yourself in the role of an interior designer? It’s time to find out and play your favorite genre - home renovation and decoration! Merge Decor combines elements of merge puzzle and decorating games. Unlike other merge games, this one gives you full control over the creative process of decoration, renovation, and home restoration. Show off your skills and become a professional home designer while playing Merge Decor mansion games!

Design and decorate your dream house; go from a simple living room in a humble home to a massive mansion with a garden and a pool. Match patterns, decorate homes, and build your dreamhouse. As the player, you are the main interior designer of and you can decorate a manor. Your job is to collect tools and equipment, use them to renovate various spaces and buildings, and turn old rooms, kitchens, and houses into works of art. Build a sweet house from scratch or give a house a complete makeover while playing designing games!

Once you enter the world of house decorating games with Merge Decor, you are the main heroine. You are so good at your job that you now receive regular orders for the decoration of various premises. Create a sweet home for your clients and add it to a portfolio to showcase your amazing remodeling skills. Are you ready for the home design challenge?


Each room is an episode and a story, and each story matters. Receive instructions, complete tasks and follow this captivating story as it continues to unfold. Have fun with house games and home decor!


If you want to redecor one room, you need to renew the floors, hang wallpapers, choose a sofa, renew the windows, add furniture, and much more! Enjoy fixing a villa in house building games and relax while creating a sweet home for your clients.


You need tools to use in your home designer adventures. That's where the merge part of the designing game comes in handy. Merge objects and create various tools. For example, if you have two screwdrivers, you can turn them into a hammer. Turn two hammers into a nail puller. A nail puller can have you lay a shiny parquet to transform the room completely. Discover all the tools available in Merge Decor interior design games!

Are you done with one room? Do you want to continue to design homes? Well, you can! As soon as you’re done with one room, another one opens up. New episodes bring about new modern house design elements and upgrade the old ones, making them more complex. As the heroine of these home design games, you have to renovate kitchens, bedrooms, country houses, fashion boutiques, and even ancient castles! Home makeover and interior decorating await you! Let all the other design masters know that you're the real deal!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to design my home”? If so, then you’re in the right place. With Merge Decor, you get to decorate houses through collecting tools and combining elements on the field. You can choose your own style of interior design and furniture and bring your wildest dreams to life. Create a unique design for each room, play renovation games, and become leading interior designer in the world of Merge Decor home decorating game!


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Version: 1.0.84

Updated at: 2023-02-02 14:21:45

Created by: AlyssaX64

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