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Let’s Survive - Survival games Hack

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Let's Survive is an apocalypse world where you are to fight with inner fear to survive on a land full of bloodthirsty zombies, mutants, and thugs. Play new best offline survival game and dive into the shooter, crafting, and action atmosphere. Only the strongest and fittest person will survive in this hell!

You stayed all alone during the invasion of hordes of zombies. No time to lose your nerve! Your objective is to do everything possible to stay alive along with always hungry corpses. Find other survivors, search for resources and items, create different weapons. Fortify your refuge and repeal bosses' attacks. Watch your health, thirst, and hunger. Complete quests and join survival fractions.

Features of Let's Survive, an RPG survival game:

~ Ready or not, zombies are coming ~

Life is not easy after the zombie apocalypse. RPG survival simulator is a constant search and collection of items and resources, as well as regular monitoring of the character's life indicators (hunger, thirst, health, radiation level). Remember, it is dangerous to starve or get sick for a long time!

~ Craft and headquarters building ~

At the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, each survivor must have their base with strong walls. Build and surround your headquarters with ranged and melee weapons, and craft sturdy armor to keep the zombie out. Create a secure safe area, cook food over a campfire, and build bunkers, barricades, and fortifications. No mutant will breakthrough!

~ Complete adventure quests and go through the storyline ~

In the process of passing Let's Survive, you will be able to go through the storyline and complete quests that will bring you additional resources. Talk to characters, take tasks, fight enemies and solve riddles. Find answers to all questions and find the missing survivors.

~ Chat with other survivors ~

What is a fraction-free zombie story game? Our new zombie simulator has a whole system of different leagues that you can join and receive bonuses. Away loneliness! Try to survive the zombie apocalypse together with other players.

~ Fight ferocious bosses ~

You were able to deal with zombies and mutants. What about furious bosses ready to grind you to dust at any second? Destroy them if you want to get rare loot. Watch out, fighter! The zombies are already attacking! Get ready for adventure and pain in Let's Survive.


Enjoy the game and get bonuses:

1. 2 times more experience and access to VIP tasks;

2. The consumption of hunger, thirst, and psyche is reduced by 50%;

3. 50 coins every day as a bonus;

4. 2 times more production stations;

5. -50% by production time.

I am the last survivor! This is my city. And I will fight for it in Let's Survive!

Hack Features

- Freeze Craft Items

- Free Boost

- Can Craft

- Can Build

- Can Upgrade

- No Hunger

- No Thirst


Updated at: 2023-05-05 17:32:32

Created by: Parxdy

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