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Idle RPG with online multiplayer! Ninja warrior - rise up and fight monsters, level up, summon shurikens, and hone your skills as a shinobi master. Ninja RPG adventure awaits!

Battle enemies and start your journey as a low level ninja that struggles to fight monsters. Level up and see your ninja grow stronger and take on more powerful foes. Raid dungeons to acquire more loot to gain even more power!

Idle Ninja Online still lets you progress while you’re away! While idle, your ninja will fight, train, and hone their skills to gain experience and gold to further your progression.

Online gameplay is key to Idle Ninja Online’s MMORPG experience. Fight alongside other ninjas, chat with other players, and invite friends to come level their own ninja alongside you.

Idle Ninja Online Features:


- Online multiplayer or solo play, the choice is yours in this AFK RPG

- Chat online with other players in the World Chat!

- Prizes for competitive gameplay with weekly rankings!

- Idle dungeons are also available for solo-farming!

- Create a shinobi ninja mafia with the family system!


- Level up and Upgrade infinitely just by tapping! No stop, no limits! Be unstoppable!

- Leave your idle heroes alone, they’ll become stronger in no time!

- Idle dungeons are also available for solo-farming!

- Idle AFK auto farming system helps with efficient growth!!

- Create your own deck of shurikens and make strategies to battle against monsters!

- 2D AFK game that’s addictive yet easy-to-play!!

- Defeat bosses and monsters in dungeons to become a legendary ninja!


- New Content Update Every Week!

- [Oni’s Den] Slay up to 100 waves of swarming Onis!

- [Boss Raid] Challenge the Arena of the Thunder/Sand God’s overwhelming power!

- [Dungeons] Explore high level dungeons and fight to become stronger!

- [Hard Mode] Defeat faster & stronger monsters!


- Summon, upgrade, and promote shurikens with Rubies!!

- Free Daily Rewards for everyone! The more you play, the more you earn!

- Unlimited Achievement rewards to give away tons of rubies!

Be the greatest ninja of all-time! Download Idle Ninja Online and start fighting to become the greatest shinobi!


- no skills cooldown


Version: 1530

Updated at: 2022-08-17 12:42:34

Created by: AlyssaX64

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