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Happy Chick for iOS

Version 1.5.7 ( 106.25 Mb)

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Happy Chick is one of the most famous and powerful emulators that brings the real all-in-one experience supporting all platforms you need.


  • Arcade MAME, FBA support
  • Gameboy, GBA, GBC support
  • Gameboy, GBA, GBC support
  • SFC (SNES) and FC (NES) support
  • NDS support.
  • Extensive library of retro games from various consoles.
  • Supports a variety of gaming controllers.
  • Ability to save and load game progress.
  • Play games online with others.
  • Regular updates with new games added.
  • What’s New

  • Revamped interface (new homepage and recommendation function)
  • FC increase cheat function
  • Download ROM section included in-app

  • Users’ Notes

  • PS1, PSP, N64 formats don't load up.
  • PS1, PSP, N64 have no ‘Game Category’ listings.
  • ‘Virtual Chick Style controller’ on GBC and GBA formats should be optional, NOT default setting.
  •
  • ’VCS’ has no vibration, regardless of Vibration Setting.
  • WSC, Arcade, FC, SFC, MAME no controller format adjust.
  • Haptic Vibration for only NDS, GBA, GBC formats.
  • GBA and GBC open to a blank screen when ‘Intro Animation’ is set to On.
  • Arcade, game language described as ‘EN’ but instructions appear in another.
  • Some Arcade games have only PC downloading.
  • GBA and GBC Settings are paired (changing in one platform sets both)
  • Button Configurations:
  • NDS, Start Button cannot be moved.
  • FC, not sure if ‘sticky control’ does anything.
  • Some iOS games send you to the App Store for purchase? (See ‘Thirteen Souls’).
  • For MD games, used the ‘switch vertical’ setting and buttons went off screen so had to force close to refit, then set back to horizontal and then to ‘recover’ buttons manually.
  • Requirements:

    1. An iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.0 or later.
    2. 60MB of free space.
    3. A stable internet connection.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Tap on the "Install" button.
    2. Once installed, open the app and start browsing through the library of games.

    Conclusion: Bring back nostalgia and relive your childhood gaming experience with Happy Chick for iOS. With an impressive game library and great features, it is a must-have for all retro gaming enthusiasts.


    Version: 1.5.7

    Updated at: 2021-04-27 12:25:05

    Created by: Les Bird

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