Ludo 365 money earning app

Ludo 365 money earning app

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Play with Bollywood hero no1 Govinda. Do you want to be a king of the Ludo cash game. Ludo 365 money game is perfect for you to earn money online. Its ludo earning app

Play with Bollywood superstar actor Govinda. Do you want to be a king of the Ludo cash game with the new ludo365 game on a Iphone? This Ludo 365 money game is perfect for you to earn money online Its best ludo earning app to bring back your childhood memories. Try this online multiplayer board game on the ludo365 platform, with exciting multiplayer battles! Being the master of one-touch games with points for every token movement & kill, playing Ludo games is fun and exciting.

key features Ludo365 cash game

● 2-4 multiplayer modes

● In Time mode you have 60 seconds to finish the game

● In Turn mode you have 22 turns to score hight

● faster gameplay in quick-play mode

● Real opponents with no bot functionality

Why does Ludo battle in the LUDO365?

Play anytime, anywhere to earn money faster

4 different modes to play like time, point quick and online mode

No bots & fair game play policy

100% security for adding and depositing cash

Play practice mode without the internet

24x7 game support

a decade ago, Ludo was famous among kings for doing battles without swords, and it was known by various names Parchisi, Pachisi, Parcheesi, or Parchisi. Throughout time, You can play ludo board games with your friend and family. LUDO 365 brings you the joy of earning money by playing a ludo multiplayer board game where you can roll the dice, make skill-based pawn movements on the board, and immerse yourself in the joy and fun of winning the game by reaching all pawns at home.

How to play LUDO 365:

● You will get a free bonus of up to 100 rupees

● To begin with, tap on any mode that you want to play

● play with the matching opponent and start rolling the die.

● You will lose one chance if you miss your turn

● three consecutive missed chances will lose the game

How to score points:

● Get +1 point for every movement of the token

● And +55 points when your pawn reaches the home

● when you kill your opponent’s player pawn, then you can earn a +6 score.

● if your pawn gets killed by another token then all your points will get deducted from your current score

More rules to play game

You will get an extra move when you roll a die for the number 6 or when you kill a pawn, or when your pawn reaches the home place of the board.

Where you can move pawns for Safety?

The "star" marked squares are safe zones - pawns cannot get killed at those places. When more than two tokens of the same type are in the same position, a safe zone is created. The player who scores the higher points within the time frame will be the cash winner!… Now, Get Set Ludo365!

Play with natural players

ludo 365 brings you various type of versions of the ludo game. Prepare in your mind for the next token movement and get your pawns across safely to their designated home before other players.

May include in-app purchases

Ludo 365 Game - Ludo Cash
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