Shadow Hunter: Premium Hack

Shadow Hunter: Premium Hack

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The must try game for any real hack and slash fan who already got bored with just mindlessly smashing buttons on the screen.

Shadow hunter is an action-packed dark fantasy hack and slash game with an incredible combat system and awesome boss fights, assisted by a one of a kind character control mechanism and a perfect mix of RPG elements to make your adventure super immersive.

Important: You need to have an iOSgods account to use this app.

Do not purchase stuff that cost diamond, or your game becomes invalid. So, save from time to time to revert back if anything happens.

May include in-app purchases


  • Free Equipment Level Up
  • Equipment Upgrade without Cost
  • Merchant Shop at No Charge
  • No Awaken Dust Cost
  • No Ascend Requirements
  • No Evolve Requirements
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