Pokemon Cafe ReMix Hack

Pokemon Cafe ReMix Hack

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Pokémon Café ReMix is a refreshing puzzle game you play alongside Pokémon in which you mix, link, and blast away icons and gimmicks!

The customers and café staff are all Pokémon! As the owner of the café, you will work with Pokémon to serve customers by preparing drinks and dishes through simple puzzles in which you mix around icons.

■ Refreshing puzzles!

Complete fun cooking puzzle in which you mix around icons and link them together!

As the owner of the café, you’ll take on puzzles with the help of your staff Pokémon.

Utilize each Pokémon’s specialty and uniqueness and aim for three-star offerings!

■ A wide cast of Pokémon appears! You can even enjoy switching their outfits!

Pokémon you befriend will join your staff and help you out at the café.

Liven up your café by dressing up your staff Pokémon!

As you raise your staff Pokémon’s levels, they’ll be able to wear different colored outfits. Special outfits for certain Pokémon will regularly be released as well!

Recruit all sorts of Pokémon, raise their levels, and create your very own café!

Now's your chance to become a café owner, work together with Pokémon, and create a Pokémon café that's unique to you!

May include in-app purchases

Hack Features

- Infinite Moves

- Semi Infinite Boosters // This only work with inside match game boosters only, you can use it infinitely but there is a downside that a error popup will appear everytime you use, just click ok and ignore it. This doesn't work with 3 boosters before you enter the game

Tips: Turn on airplane mode when you in-game and play so you don’t have network error popup when using boosters. Turn the wifi back on and wait for 10s when you want to quit game so it can sync your offline progress to the server