Blade Idle Hack

Blade Idle Hack

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It’s a story of a common herb collector who stumbles onto a legendary sword and become a great hero.

Adventure through the main stages and dungeons, and grow your character through farming.


- Customizable Skill System. Obtain and use various skills!

- Merge System. Get even more powerful grade equipment!

- Challenge normal and special dungeons and collect growth materials!

- Grow your character through the Pet, Relic, and Insignia System!

- Challenge the Upgrade Dungeon and collect various skins!

May include in-app purchases

Hack Features

- Weak Enemy

- 1 Hit Kill

- No Skill Cooldown

- Fast Move Speed


- You need to complete tutorial until equip at least one skill

- In some stages, you get "STAGE FAILED" because the server checks your stats.

- You need to upgrade stats, equipment to pass the stage when that happens.

- So, it's only useful for farming resources.

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