Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games Hack

Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games Hack

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This farm has a story to tell. A land full of mystery awaits! In every corner lies a new discovery in this world of epic adventure as you help our heroine fulfill her quest.

Fight exciting battles in amazing role-playing adventures, with familiar merge puzzle mechanics, diverse gameplay, and unique graphic style.

Your task is to solve all troubles of your village, fight monsters, repair the damage, and protect the people from the enemy.

Tools and weapons will be required to tackle those challenges, such as knives, hammers, gloves, swords, axes.

Craft tools and merge them together, ready your sword and let magic guide you through this RPG fantasy where the way of dungeons of old may lead you to a gold-filled castle... or to the red dragon's own lair.


- Discover

Medieval Merge leads you through a magical land where you will find incredible missions with plenty of mysteries to solve.

- Explore

You will be the master of the middle ages in this journey, writing your own path while exploring a world of wizards and monsters!

- Merge

Combine items into useful tools to help the villagers to rebuild and manage the farm after the destruction caused by an evil sorcerer.

- Conquer

Be the hero, a mighty warrior, and craft the right weapons to use in the next battle.

- Earn

Renovate the place, unlock treasure chests, and collect valuable items like gems and gold coins.

Are you ready to become a knight? Start now with this merge game - An epic RPG adventure awaits you!

May include in-app purchases

Hack Features

- Freeze Currencies