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The Tela GBA - is the ultimate gaming companion for iOS devices. With This emulator, you can experience the thrill of classic GameBoy games on your iPhone or iPad. This emulator supports games for Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, providing endless hours of nostalgia and entertainment.

Download the Tela GBA emulator, find your favorite game in ROM format from the web, and enjoy the nostalgia from passing the best GBC or GBA games of that time! One of the standout features of the Tela is its support for external controllers, giving you a comfortable and intuitive gaming experience and Dropbox Sync.

Whether you have an iPhone or an iPad, this emulator performs flawlessly, delivering smooth gameplay and stunning graphics, nice console skins, flexible customization, and a pleasant response from pressing the buttons.

How to install a ROM file

1. Download the ROM file from a reputable source

2. Find the file in the download folder

3. Pinch the file and click on the "Share" button

4. Select Tela GBA

5. Done! Enjoy the game


  • GBA, GBC, GB Console Support
  • Full iPhone & iPad support
  • DropBox Synch
  • Bluetooth Controller support
  • Custom Controller Skins
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