iNDS Emulator for iOS

iNDS Emulator for iOS

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Experience the magic of classic Nintendo DS gaming on your iOS device with an iNDS emulator. Download iNDS now and embark on a nostalgic journey with your favorite NDS games.

With this app, relive the excitement of playing Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad. From Pokémon to Mario Kart, immerse yourself in the iconic titles that define a generation.

Download iNDS for iOS and enjoy a seamless and immersive gaming experience. The iNDS emulator is designed to optimize gameplay, providing smooth graphics and responsive controls for an authentic gaming experience.

No need to jailbreak your device - this emulator is available for download without complex modifications. Download the emulator app and instantly start playing your favorite NDS console games.

Adjust controls, save states, and apply cheats to enhance your gameplay and discover new ways to conquer your favorite games.

How to download games using the built-in browser:

1. In the application, click on the search button

2. A browser will open with a suggested search query

3. Select one of the proposed sites (you can use the very first one)

4. Find the game you want on the website and download it to your device

5. After loading the game (archive file), click the “done” button, and you will be returned to the emulator menu

6. Re-enter the emulator, click on the game in your menu, then click “Lynch Normal.”

7. Done, enjoy the game!

Also, you can download games (ROM files) using a standard browser on your device, then click “open with” and select iNDS.

You may also set up Dropbox Syncing and alter the controller settings by tapping the game name. Furthermore, if you already have ROMs on your computer, you may import them into iNDS using iTunes or other comparable transfer applications.

Users’ Notes

Slow performance on some gadgets

Due to the need to map the entire ROM into memory, older devices with only 256MB of RAM are not supported. These devices include the iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, iPhone 3GS, and anything below those devices.


  • Built-in browser for downloading games (ROM’s)
  • Support iOS version 9 - 16
  • Customizable interface, where you can select a preferred controller size and mic
  • Auto-saving game progress
  • Dropbox Syncing
  • Alter the controller settings
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