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Version 16.44.5 (latest, 0 b)


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Cercube Dino: latest YouTube (16.44.5) with Cercube (5.3.3), iSponsorBlock (1.0-10) & many more

Hi, I wanted to share my personal injected YouTube that I use everyday. *This isn't Cracked Cercube

Tweaks injected:

Cercube (5.3.3)

iSponsorBlock (1.0-10): skipping sponsor ads

Alderis Color Picker (1.1.2): necessary for iSponorBlock

YTABGoodies (1.0.0): includes YouAreThere, YouRememberCaption,YTNoCheckLocalNetwork, YTSystemAppearance

YTUHD (1.2.5): VP9 UHD enabler; 1440p & 2160p although it doesn't really smoothly works because of Apple limiting VP9 spoofing in sideloaded YouTube

YouPiP (1.5.15): Enable PiP

YTClassicVideoQuality (1.0.1): Original video quality selector

YTnoshorts (1.0.2): Remove shorts from main home, but it still exist in the bottom bar

NoYTPremium (1.0.3): Remove YouTube Premium upsell alerts


Thanks Majd Alfhaily for Cercube

Thanks PoomSmart for YTABGoodies, YTUHD, YouPiP, YTClassicVideoQuality, NoYTPremium

Thanks Galactic-Dev and Luewii for iSponsorBlock

Thanks HASHBANG for Alderis Color Picker

Thanks MiRO92 for YTnoshorts

Thanks Al4ise for Azule for MacOS

Thanks qn___ for his support


Version: 16.44.5

Updated at: Dec. 9, 2021, 10:58 a.m.

Created by: Dino

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May include in-app purchases