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Camera M is a professional and modern camera designed to do one thing exceptionally well — to help you capture beautiful photos in the highest possible quality with powerful and precise manual camera controls akin to a DSLR.


• Fluid gesture-based native manual controls

• Minimum focus distance display for macro photography

• Focus Tracking using AI

• Focus Peaking and 4x magnifier loupe with panning function

• Live RGB and RGB luminance histograms

• Manual gray card calibration

• Max Image Processing to ensure the absolute best image quality

• All the image formats: ProRAW*, RAW*, HEIF*, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG

• Multiple modes: Single, Burst, Timer, Live*, Depth*, Dual Photo*, and Bracket

• Triple Photo mode with simultaneous ultra-wide, wide-angle, and telephoto camera capture*

• Darkroom integration

• Great Widgets for photography


– Manual focus control

– Macro and Scene focus presets

– Exposure bias control

– Manual ISO & exposure duration adjustments

– ISO & exposure duration semi-priority modes

– Manual white balance temperature and tint control

– White balance presets

– Gray card white balance calibration

– Auto, on, and off flash modes

– Manual torch brightness level control

– Manual switching between Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras*

– Digital pinch zoom with 10x range


– Apple ProRAW*

– RAW with stabilization*

– HEIF with optional minimum compression*

– JPEG with optional minimum compression



– Live Photo*

– P3 wide color support*


– Single

– Burst

– Timer

– Depth*

– Dual/Triple Photo*

– Live Photo*

– Bracket


– Exposure offset gauge

– Focus tracking using AI

– Live focus peaking assistant

– 4x magnifier loupe with panning function

– Minimum focus distance display

– Live RGB and RGB luminance histograms

– Highlight & shadow alert display

– Horizon level with available pitch tracking and flat options

– Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Quadrant, and Square grids

– Siri Shortcuts

– Detailed camera specifications display with PDF export


– Deep Fusion and Smart HDR support for iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 series

– Ensures maximum image quality with better noise reduction, image stabilization, and additional processing for all other iPhones and iPads.


– Summarized and full EXIF metadata display

– Location data display with compass and elevation

– RGB and RGB luminance histogram displays

– Access to all photo albums and folders


– Golden Hour: Sun event times and sun position

– EXIF: Summarized EXIF metadata for the last image

– Cameras: Hardware specifications for available cameras


– Shutter button control with timer function

– Sunrise, sunset, and Golden Hour display with sun position indicator


– True one-handed control on all iPhones

– An uncompromising approach to user experience in landscape orientation

– Cursor and keyboard shortcut support for iPad*


Camera M is powered exclusively by native APIs and frameworks. There are absolutely no dependencies on any outside sources. This makes Camera M responsive and efficient — from its small download size down to its quick app launch times.

* These features are available on supported devices only.

* Depth capture requires iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS series, XR, 11 series, SE 2, 12 series, 12 Pro series, 13 series, or 13 Pro series.

* Depth/Portrait capture for selfies requires an iPhone or an iPad with a TrueDepth camera system.

* RAW capture requires iPhone 6s or later, iPad 6th generation, or iPad Pro 9.7-inch or later.

* Apple ProRAW capture requires iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Series.

* For more information on device and feature compatibility: www.camera-m.com/compatibility

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Updated at: 2024-01-18 16:01:48

Created by: Camera M

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