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BarMagnet is a powerful torrent remote controller for iOS gorgeously designed to fit in with your iOS 7 and up device. It was created by talented developer, Carlo Tortorella. The project started as a simple program that copy magnet links to the clipboard, but quickly became much more when he couldn’t find an app to do exactly what he needed.

This app can connect to a multitude of torrenting applications. It currently supports Deluge, qBittorrent, ruTorrent (HTTPRPC plugin), rTorrent (XMLRPC), SeedStuff, Synology, Transmission, Vuze, and uTorrent.

It also includes a query system that lets you easily search any torrent website that inserts the query into the URL, while also letting you add extra modifiers to automatically sort by whichever parameter you desire.

IMPORTANT: BuildStore does not condone piracy. There are thousands of legal sites that offer torrenting as a method of download.


  • Multiple clients support
  • Query system for search
  • Multiple ordering
  • Cell Style Change
  • QR Scanner
  • Change order list

What's New

  • Added small amounts of URL handling

About this version

Version: 1.8.2

Developer information

© Created by Carlo Tortorella →

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