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Last Viking: God of Valhalla Hack

Version 0.30.03 (latest, 101.57 Mb)



May include in-app purchases

Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a mythic survival and exploration game in the universe of Niffelheim.

Build a viking settlement from scratch and protect it from valheim raids. The green hell survival of your village depends on you, don’t let it fall outward. In these dark, gothic times, an island of prosperity is a dying light of hope and a city builder like you is a hot target for a scum out there. Fight off valnir the attacks of conan assassins, exiles thieves and other lost souls rok aiming to kill you and your people day and night.

Craft and improve your mordhau weapons, explore the territory, hunt in the forest, solve puzzles, find the abandoned outposts. Yes, savviness and crafting will save you! Stay strong during these long, dark days, follow the runes of your destiny and grow into a god of war with hellblade!

Play with your friends online or offline.

For your honor and Valhalla!

Hack Features

- Inf Coins (Get/Use)

- Inf Health (Take no damage)


Version: 0.30.03

Updated at: 2022-11-20 14:04:40

Created by: K_K

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Last Viking: God of Valhalla Hack
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