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Have you ever imagined yourself as the main character in your favorite TV series or novels? In Whispers, you can do that!

Whispers Interactive Stories offers the best collection of sexy stories, including romance, fantasy, LGBTQ+, young adult, sexy, lust, comedy, drama series, and all kinds of interactive stories which can let you choose your destiny, enjoy the different endings and experience true LOVE!

YOU get to make the choices and decisions in each chapter. Decide on hard life choices, such as starting a relationship, dating guys and girls, falling in love, discovering taboo secrets, or kissing your true love! Make your decisions throughout the pages and pages of interactive stories! Every option can lead you down a new path of passion or romance.


-Customize your outfit and hairstyle! You can choose your gender, dress up in a designer dress and your dream lover is waiting for you!

-Customize your dream lover, no matter whether he is a prince, a billionaire, or a mafia, choose your favorite one and be ready to start the new love journey!

-BE YOURSELF! Every choice can affect the whole story: Maybe you will choose to kiss him, have an affair, leave him, or kill him... You can control your fate!

-Constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates, including all kinds of sexy stories free to play.

-Exquisite characters and scenes provide hundreds of animated books that make you an extraordinarily immersive experience!

Stories we think you may like!


An interview with NYC’s most exclusive billionaire… What could go wrong? How about getting stuck in an elevator with a frustratingly handsome stranger? And is there more to him than meets the eye?

-PLAN B · Pregnancy

Today's your first day at Wilson Architect, but your stomach isn't happy. It's been queasy for weeks. Could you be pregnant? And, if so, who's the father?!

-THE DEVIL'S SON · Fantasy

A deal with the Devil himself lands you in the hottest strip club in Vegas, where the erotic challenge awaits. Do you have what it takes to seduce or have sex with The Devil's Son?

-No Strings Attached · Fake Relationship

Billionaire Jefferson Fields, The Ice Prince, doesn't keep company, but will he make an exception for you? After getting fired and a heartless breakup, it's time to reinvent yourself. Can you thaw the heart of The Ice Prince? Or are you destined to stay out in the cold?

-Teacher's Torment · Sexy professor

You know you shouldn't... You know it's forbidden. But when the unobtainable, tall, dark, and handsome Professor Logan becomes yours, the good student in you tells you to hold on and not to let go. Pen down, panties off... It's time to be your Teacher's Torment.

There are more exciting stories released every week! We are working to bring a unique immersive experience to you. Download Whispers and start living your secret life!

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Whispers are determined to make better romance stories.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us: support@twincatstudio.com

Hack Features

- All Chapters Unlocked

- Free Premium Choices


Updated at: 2023-11-27 13:29:17

Created by: Puddin

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